Constant overworking, family life, monotonous days can cause stress. We have learned how to relieve stress and share 7 unordinary ways.


How to reduce stress: 7 non-ordinary ways


1. Take a bath


Rescue from stress awaits you in the bathroom. Water, as is known, can wash away negative energy and thoughts, it cleanses the soul and body. Water must be warm. It is also recommended to use sea salt and 5-7 drops of essential oil of lavender, bergamot or sandalwood.



2. Prepare something


How to relieve stress? Create masterpieces in the kitchen! Napoleon, charlotte,  peking roast duck - the more difficult the dish is - the better! Cooking is a great way to switch attention and concentrate on the process. Thoughts will bedisembarrassedfrom the negative, the nervous system will be unloaded and the approval of the dish by beloved people is another nice bonus.


3. To spend the weekend in another city / country


Long dreamed of the lavender fields of Provence, then you should not hesitate and pack your suitcases for the weekend. Changing the situation - the strongest anti-stress therapy, which helps to distract and relieve nervous tension. Try some diving, go through the quests and even live in the slums (there are such extreme tours!) - replace stress with a surge of adrenaline and vivid impressions! Also, for new emotions you can go to the unknown places of your own country.


4. Meditation


Meditation helps to relax and relieve nervous tension. Everything that is required for meditation is 10-15 minutes of free time, pleasant music ( the sounds of nature) and a well-ventilated room. During meditation a brilliant idea can come to the mind, so it should  be written down.



5. Take care of cleaning


One of the best ways to relieve stress is to spill out negative energy. Cleaning the apartment is ideal. A special therapeutic effect is sweeping-up in the closet. Releasing from boring, unfashionable clothes, you free your head for fresh thoughts and new feelings.


6. See a good movie


Go to the cinema with a friend or a loved one, if you feel that the vitality is at zero. However, choose films with a happy end - where good triumphs over evil, because dramas are already enough in life! Comedies are your choice, laughter helps to reduce the production of the stress hormone and makes you feel better.



7. Visit a beauty salon


Changing an appearance is one of the oldest and most pleasant methods of combating a prolonged bad mood. A new hairstyle and hair color can become a trigger for changes within yourself. Procedures for face and body, a new manicure, massage will help you to awaken your femininity, the desire to be fond of.

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