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Why Cultivation Is So Important?

Life does not stand still. Man, one way or another, is changing. He chooses to degrade himself, lowering himself down the social ladder, or go further, getting better, developing himself. A person cannot just stand still and stop time. That is why self-improvement and personal development are very important.

When a person overtakes the routine, he tries to dilute it with communication with other people, interesting activities, hobbies. Each person strives to become better, more interesting, to fill himself "from the inside." Closing from the outside world, a person becomes a wild, isolated from all being and gradually loses touch with the outside world.

When a person cultivates, he grows in his own eyes and the eyes of others.. Improving not only himself, but all around. After all, the world is a mirror image of a person, his thoughts, actions. Start with yourself.

The goal of self-development is to set a high bar in front of you, and when meeting obstacles on your way, to overcome them and move on towards your goal. Do not stop at the slightest failure and do not go back.

When you fail to do something, it is easier to blame others for it, thereby attracting even more trouble. When a person does not want to admit that he is the root of his problems, he turns into embittered and build high walls around himself. He loses touch with loved ones, with the outside world. He is depressed and blames it all around. But in fact, he just needs to open his eyes and understand that the main cause of his troubles is himself.

When it is scary to make a move.

Fear is in nature. Fear of death, fear of injury, abandonment, fear of being alone, fear of the new. It seems to a person that he wishes to step into a deep abyss that can destroy him. Many work on the unloved job, get pennies for their work, live with the unloved. Afraid of not finding a job they like or more promising or staying alone and not finding a pair. People put up with things that take from them the joy of life. But in fact, everything is completely different. A small step opens up many opportunities for a person.

The personality of a person is formed in childhood. Our family and friends influence all aspects of our life, our character, who we will become and our values. If parents support a child from childhood and encourage him to become better, he is constantly improving, feeling this pleasant "push" in the back. And, on the contrary, in families where a person’s desires are constantly belittled, the child is afraid to develop and take an extra step.

Therefore, growing up, he makes a choice - either to continue to doubt himself and "stagnate", or confidently go forward, not paying attention to the "ghosts from the past." You should not listen to the "honey" speech, which is so sweetly called, leave it as it is, or do it another time, putting it in a "long" box.

The main thing is the first step.

If you decide - then act. Self-development and self-improvement open up many different possibilities, help a person see in himself something new, something he didn’t even suspect and which would be pleasantly surprised. Seeing this, he will feel a "breath of fresh air" and new forces for a jerk, the past will be a thing of the past. He will feel confident in himself and tomorrow, see his value and love himself.

It is important to trust the intuition. No need to reproach yourself. If something went wrong. What was done was right at that moment. It is necessary to go further, and not to analyze again and again their failure, rolling back.

Self-development is a big and time-consuming task. Get all at the click of a finger does not work. You have to be patient, the path will be interesting, but not easy.

In this difficult matter, it is important to develop a scheme to make it easier to understand how to move. Everybody has opportunities for self-development.

What would you like?

Self-development - should come first on your wish list.

You need to clearly understand what you want to get rid of in your life, what you want to change, what you see as the reason for your failures. For example, you want to learn a new language, but laziness bothers you, you just have to overcome yourself a little and you will succeed.

Understand what needs to be changed.

Why do you want to change something in life? When you understand why you need to get rid of it, it will give you strength for further development. For example, you want to change jobs. What do you have for this? Which other knowledge and skills do you have? Having understood this, you will understand how you realize your idea.

What to change in yourself?

What resources do you have to change the situation? Maybe something inside you prevents you from taking a step ahead? Analyze what obstacles you see on your way.

Need a plan. Big tasks are a lot of small steps that are easier to complete. It is necessary to rely only on yourself, overcoming every step. For example, you want to move to another city, which at first seems like an impossible task. But by making a plan and starting, for example, to find a suitable company for transportation, it will be easier for you to move on.

Act! You should not put off until tomorrow, Monday, next year. This only at first glance seems scary and irresistible. Be among the brave and you will discover many roads.

Self-development is a very exciting game, thanks to which your life reaches a new level. It helps you improve all aspects of your life. And when you start, you will realize that everything is not as difficult as it seemed.

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