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Hydromassage: Types, Benefits and Contraindications

Ancient times water procedures have been used to preserve health, youth and beauty. It is enough to recall the magnificent Cleopatra, who became the idol of women of all time, and her famous bath of beauty and youth. The popularity of water treatments is not accidental. After all, the human body for the most part consists of a liquid. It is especially effective to combine the benefits of water and massage. This procedure is called hydromassage.

What is hydromassage?

Hydromassage was first used in Germany. Doctors rehabilitators noted that after such water procedures, the patients' state of mind changes in a positive direction: blood circulation improves, pressure normalizes, and the recovery period after injuries decreases.

Hydromassage combines the benefits of therapeutic baths, massage and thermotherapy. There are different ways to carry out the procedure. Each of them is based on the effect on the body of water-air flows of different intensity and temperature, creating a massage effect.

Mixed water and air provoke the formation of microbubbles, their targeted movement is carried out through the nozzles.

The number of sessions depends on what goal you need to achieve through such therapy. As a rule, from 10 to 25 sessions are prescribed. The break between courses depends on each individual case and the individual characteristics of the patient. The first session should be no more than 15 minutes. The doctor decides how much time one session should last, but on verage, the time of exposure to water-air flow increases to half an hour.

There are several varieties of this water therapy:

* Underwater hand massage. The temperature of the water in the bathroom and the jet during this procedure, as a rule, reaches 37–38 degrees. The procedure is carried out by a specialist directing a stream of water along the massage lines, changing the force of impact if necessary;

* Underwater whirlpool massage. This view is carried out in a specially equipped bath in which a circular flow of water is created. The whirling massage acts on deeper skin layers than a manual one;

* Charcot's douche. It has been actively used for decades. However, this procedure has a number of contraindications. It is not held in the bath. The patient becomes at a distance of 3 meters from the specialist. The masseur directs him a stream under great pressure from the bottom up through the body, avoiding the chest, face and spine.

* Dry contactless massage. This is a relatively new species, excluding contact with water. The patient after it remains dry. For the procedure using a special device, similar to the bed - aqua capsule. Inside it, water oscillations are created that affect the patient's body. This procedure is among the safest and practically has no contraindications.

* Vichy shower. The name of this type of massage was due to the French resort, where it began to be used. During therapy, the patient lies on the couch, and the jets of water are applied from above by means of shower heads.

The type of massage is selected by the doctor, taking into account the patient’s state of health. Before prescribing a course, it is recommended to undergo an examination and pass a series of tests in order to avoid complications.

The benefits and harm of the procedure

The main benefit is complete relaxation of the body. The muscles are completely relaxed, due to which the work of the internal organs are normalized. Improves performance and sleep. With a decrease in water temperature a tonic effect is achieved.

The procedure relieves pain and eliminates spasms. Unpleasant symptoms in muscles and joints disappear. This type of therapy helps to get rid of even the pains caused by chronic illnesses. A powerful analgesic effect can be achieved through enhanced endorphin production after the session.

It should be mentioned about its beneficial effects on the circulatory system.

The procedure improves blood circulation. Due to this, internal organs are supplied with oxygen, and the work of all body systems is improved. Immunity rises and wounds heal faster.

Cosmetic effect is also important, which has a hydromassage, often used for weight loss. The skin is smoothed and cleansed, the body comes to tone. The procedure contributes to the breakdown of fats, removal of toxins and speeding up the metabolism. The figure becomes more taut, and the skin - elastic.

If properly used, the hydromassage is harmless and can only be beneficial. However, it should be noted that disinfection of equipment for carrying out procedures is a very complex undertaking. In hydro massage devices there are ideal conditions for the reproduction of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Under pressure, along with air bubbles, there is a risk of them to enter the lungs and infection. This is especially true for people with insufficiently strong immunity - the elderly and young children.

Hydromassage is safe only in proven qualified institutions.

This water therapy is offered in various clinics and sanatoriums. This is one of the most popular wellness treatments. Assign it to treat a variety of diseases:

* problems of the musculoskeletal system; * joint diseases; * injuries; * muscle aches and pains; * vascular dystonia; * insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome; * diseases of the digestive system; * endocrine disorders; * sexual dysfunction; * skin diseases; * weakened immunity; * cellulite

Despite the many benefits, water massage prescribed with caution. This procedure has contraindications:

* thrombosis and varicose veins; * neoplasms of both malignant and benign nature; * suffered a heart attack, stroke and hypertension of 3 degrees; * skin inflammations; * the period of the acute period of the disease - it can worsen the patient's condition; * lactation and pregnancy; * menstruation - the procedure may cause bleeding; * uterine fibroids - gynecologists do not recommend using even a hard washcloth during a bath or shower. Water therapy for children

Some types of hydromassage are prescribed for small patients. Of course, this does not apply to such procedures as Charcot's douche. For the treatment of babies a bubble bath is used. This therapy brings pleasure to children of any age. However, for their treatment it is important to observe the correct temperature and air pressure.

It is also necessary to regulate the time of the water massage. A newborn is not recommended to stay in the bubble bath for longer than 5 minutes. For older children, the time of the procedure reaches 20 minutes.

Hydromassage is prescribed for immunocompromised infants. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, therefore, such therapy is often recommended for very active children suffering from sleep disorders. It is also useful for muscle hypertonia. This method of treatment copes with nervous and muscular tension.

We must not forget about contraindications. Water massage is excluded with the exacerbation of any diseases and with increasing body temperature. The procedure is prohibited if the small patient suffers from cancer and infectious diseases.

Carrying out the procedure at home

Hydromassage is offered in sanatorium and health care facilities, as well as in beauty salons. In such conditions, a professional procedure is carried out using special equipment. However, it is possible to conduct a medical procedure at home.

Modern plumbing stores offer a wide range of baths for water massage. However, the cost of adaptation is quite high. Not everyone can afford to buy this miracle of technology. In addition, such a purchase does not always justify itself, because this type of therapy cannot be abused.

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