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“The Sea of Pleasure”

Marine salt baths (sodium chloride baths), for example:

A bath with natural or artificially prepared sodium chloride water with sea salt.

EFFECTS: calms, relaxes (relieves muscle spasms), enhances the diuretic effect and removes water overloading from the body, positively influences cardiovascular system function.

TO PREPARE sodium chloride baths, take sea salt in a proportion of 20 to 30 grams per 1 liter of fresh water. The volume of the average bathtub is 150 liters x 20 gr. = 300 grams of sea salt. Add salt and at first fill the bathtub with hot water of 120° F. As the salt dissolves in water, add cold water to bring the water temperature to 93-98,5ºF

INDICATIONS: metabolic disorders (obesity, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis), digestive disorders (constipation, colitis, enterocolitis, irritable bowel syndrome), functional disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system (neurosis, depression), swelling of the lower extremities, whole body pastosity.