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Procedures for home spa

The procedures should be made every other day.

The course of procedures: 10-12

Alternate relaxing baths and restorative procedures (e.g., a shower) or massage procedures.

It’s important to know and remember!

If you tend to have high blood pressure, the water temperature should be lower (93-95 ºF)

If you tend to have low blood pressure, the acceptable water temperature for you is 95-98,5 ºF

Note: If there was a feeling of discomfort – it’s hot or it’s difficult to breathe, settle in the way that your heart area is above the water surface. Control your blood pressure and heart rate.

With circular massage movements go through the same areas of the body several times (2-6), carefully following the instruction "Main body massage lines".

Warning: during self-massage avoid the zone of lymph nodes (inguinal and axillary), scrotal, mammary glands and heart area.