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Aromatherapy – few drops of health and beauty

Beneficial properties of essential oils are known for a long time. Scientists say that extracts of nature gifts are the very first medicine on Earth and essential oils have many helpful effects on physical and psychological health state.

So, what’s the secret of essential oil popularity? Those who admire essential oils say that the main advantage of them is natural origin. In other words, essential oil is a medicine created by nature from wood, flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables, which cannot be harmful, when you use it properly. In addition, the very nature on it’s own has made up purposes of these oils: extracts of flowers have a relaxing effect, while wood oils strengthen the protective functions of the body. Some essential oils also increase mood, reduce appetite and improve metabolism.

Aromatherapy and stress

Stress-resistance is one of the main requirements for a person nowadays, as we are often attacked by an emotional stress. In order to avoid nervous exhaustion, fatigue and depression, you need to organize relaxation several times a week. Let us say, relaxing baths with the addition of essential oil, for example, mint, melissa, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, citrus (5-10 drops) or filling your room with pleasant scent using aroma lamp (5 drops per 30 ml of water) for half an hour before going to bed can really help you. Citrus oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit) are best for applying not in the evening, but in the morning: refreshing scent gives liveliness for all day and increases mental and physical state.

Aromatherapy and beauty

To cleanse face irritation and pigmentation, cosmetologists use regenerating, anti-inflammatory oils of lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, which soften, moisturize and nourish skin. However, for body, hands and feet, professionals recommend using essential oils of rose, palm, lavender, cedar, walnut, which relieve heaviness and fatigue, soften calluses and give tenderness.

Healing and transformation effect has a massage that, of course, cannot be imagined without oil. Depending on the purpose of the massage (muscle tone or relaxation, joint pain relief, getting rid of body fat, etc.), specialist selects different oils for different massage sessions (grinding, kneading, squeezing).

Aromatherapy and weight loss

The most important and interesting part. Often oils that have normalizing properties of metabolic processes are used to lower weight. Aromatherapy helps not only to get rid of hunger, but also to lose weight. It is known that essential oils of mint and lemon help to improve metabolism. Oils of roses, ylang-ylang, and rosemary remove toxins and improve stomach and liver processes. Cardamom, grapefruit, cypress take out excess liquid from the body.

Many people try to get rid of stress by eating. Essential oils have soothing effect on the body, and feeling of hunger disappears.

An excellent way to lose weight is oil of sweet orange. This essential oil affects all receptors, controls metabolism and improves stomach processes. You can also apply oil by rubbing it into the skin and adding it to the baths. Orange oil is an excellent tool for weight loss, as well as for getting rid of cellulite.

Cinnamon oil has a great emotional impact. It relaxes and reduces feeling of hunger. If you cannot stay away from a delicious, but high-calorie meal before sleep, then immerse yourself in the bath, previously adding 5-7 drops of this essential oil. After that, you will leave bathroom relaxed and with a complete absence of appetite, but with desire to go to bed and prolong the feeling of calmness and desire to relax.

So, as you can see, aromatherapy is a safe, effective, useful and pleasant way of healing and relaxation, which gives beauty and excellent mood.