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How to Overcome Laziness And Make Yourself Work

“Laziness was born ahead of you” - this expression is suitable for almost all people. Laziness has not bypassed even hard-working people, because this is a physical manifestation of a lack of energy. The question is "How to overcome laziness?" Psychologists say that the main thing is the emotional state of a person.

How to overcome the emotional barrier

Emotional mood comes first in the question of how to overcome laziness and make yourself work. People who have achieved some success in their careers come to such a psychological step as falling in love with a job, it must sincerely interest the person.

Motivation for action - it is the main engine in this fight with laziness. Set a goal for yourself at work. But you should think about why you should do this work. After the answers to the question of how important the goal is determined, the next step is a contract with laziness. You can be lazy, but for this you need to focus on work.

How to win laziness and what to do to make yourself work? Conclude a dispute with someone. When work is in progress, it is desirable that nothing distracts, music, TV or colleagues. Here the main thing is to properly distribute the emotional and physical stress. The researchers concluded that without interruption, you can work for about forty-five minutes. After that, the body takes five minutes break.

10 tips to help fight laziness

When the emotional barrier is gone, it is worth thinking about streamlining the work that needs to be done:

1. How important is this work for you. Is it possible to postpone it for some time. I can not do the work “through” much harder than if there is a predisposition. Should make the structure of the work.

2. Schedule should be written down on paper, divided into parts. What is done at the beginning and so on, in stages.

3. Make a separate blacklist, which brings all the things that distract from work. This may be visiting entertainment sites, listening to music, TV and more. If in the process of work a person begins to be interrupted, then a new circumstance is also entered in the “black list”.

4. Determine how much time is supposed be to spent on work. This can be either a single case or the compilation of working hours (availability of a free schedule for execution) for several days.

5. Make a schedule for the whole day. This is true for those who work at home, but may also be suitable for people who have a free schedule.

6. In case of urgent matters, you need to complete the amount of work that was planned in advance. This item is particularly difficult because it requires self-discipline. Making yourself work at home is harder. Over time, adherence to the schedule develops habit, reflexes.

7. Do not be distracted mentally from work on other concerns. The brain needs to focus on current affairs.

8. The next item is recommended to be used by successful people who have personally tested its effect. At the end of the working day on a separate piece of paper, write down how much work has been done during this period. A person will be able to evaluate from the side all his work. With correct assessment the motivation rises.

9. Do not forget to encourage yourself to act. Speaking inside myself, "I have to do this work, and then I will get ..." and everything else like that.

10. There are cases when a person simply cannot concentrate. Depending on the true causes, ranging from chronic fatigue and ending with the loss of interest in the task. In the second case, new motivating facts can help.

Specifically, what kind of facts, depends completely on the nature of the person. Again, this is a kind of additional contract with "laziness."

How to make yourself work

It is necessary to highlight the main aspects that will help overcome laziness and force yourself to work:

* Have a good emotional attitude;

* A selection of good motivation;

* Remuneration for labor;

* The correct distribution of physical and psychological forces;

* Structuring of the working day and a single topic.

In aggregate, all of this works and develops the will power of a person.

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