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Step Aerobics for Weight Loss

Often, women who want to lose weight choose the beautiful step training. It is rightly considered as a very good way to lose weight. It turns out that in just one such exercise you can burn only up to 400 calories. Moreover, the more intense the movement, the better the result.

For beginners, a twenty minute workout will be enough. Over time, both the load and the pace can be increased. Aerobics on the platform as one of the most effective means for losing weight is used by many women. The essence of this type of training is to walk on the platform under the rhythmic music. Thanks to the descents, you can get rid of calories and at the same time strengthen the muscles of the body. This kind of training may include elements of strength training, as well as martial arts and even dancing. Here is the conclusion - such step aerobics for weight loss are not boring.

What is the use

Step aerobics like other aerobics has its significant advantages. If you regularly practice step aerobics, you can soon feel the desired effect:

* the vestibular apparatus is normalized; * weight is stabilized and the figure is adjusted; * strengthens the cardiovascular system; * pain in the joints and back disappear.

In addition, the mood improves, apathy and overstrain disappear.

In addition, it is important to remember that in case of non-compliance with safety rules, it can cause bruises.

You can avoid various injuries in the class. For this, it is better to wear short leggings. You will also need special shoes to support the foot. It is not recommended to practice more than 3 times a week. It is important to remember that excessive loads can inhibit the body, and therefore you should rest.

Anyone who is just planning to sign up for step aerobics classes should keep in mind the simple rules:

* keep your posture straight; * bend legs at the knees; * abdominal muscles, buttocks tense; * platform height - no more than 20 cm.

For beginners, the ideal option would be to come to a suitable group of the fitness center and already there to learn how to work with a stepper. After a while it will be possible to move to a more advanced level.

There are no more than 20 people in such groups. If the quantity is greater, it will be uncomfortable and stuffy in the hall. In those cases, if you manage to lose more than one kilogram in a week, it is better to reduce the number of workouts. Otherwise, it is possible not only not to achieve the desired effect, but also to harm health. The best idea would be to do sport at your best pace.

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