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Slow Life Movement: the Technique of a Slow Life in Workdays of a Busy Person

Time management and ideas of super-efficiency drive forward along the built-up ladder of success, in solving problems and step-by-step achievement of goals. Against this background, “Slow life”, seems to be the diametrical opposite, promoting dimensionality and dissolution in the current moment. How to embed a reasonable slow-life in everyday life filled with problems and worries?

Slow life: do you need a slowdown?

Let's start with the antipode. Success, efficiency, achievements... Busy as a bee, modern people rush forward to success. This pace and lifestyle is not for everyone. A person twists in a whirlwind of affairs and attitudes, burns out emotionally and even weakens physically. He is no longer able to rejoice at the progress achieved and to enjoy the desired benefits achieved. It was precisely in order to reasonably use the resources of the body, to stop the endless race and to live sensibly every moment. „Slow Life“ trend that quickly gained popularity appeared.

There are many directions and principles in „Slow life“. Take a category like slow food. It’s not about being heated in a microwave dinner for watching evening news. It is a slow preparation of the dish, even the simplest one, a beautiful table setting and a measured meal with enjoyment of the taste and aroma of the products.

Or slow talk

A minute exchange of news in the messenger with a friend is not the case. If you are talking to a person, then communicate with him/her. Sitting nearby, look into the eyes and listen attentively.

Even at the first examination for the majority it becomes clear that these practices are useful and pleasant. The nuance is to embed them in everyday realities, where time is bleak, and the surrounding reality does not always incline to contemplation. How to find a balance and, without leaving the path of the progressive movement, save vital resources and cherish relationships with loved ones.

Daily stops

To approach the question is purely practical. Is life filled with goals? Ambitious, desirable and even global... All of them somehow require action. Let us evaluate which of the envisaged actions are not only useful in the long term, but also pleasant for us, they allow us to replenish internal resources. In other words, the work should not only be a tool that brings the means, but the process itself or part of it should bring us pleasure. After all, in the end, a person seeks not to the physical possession of a particular thing, but to the emotions that are associated with it.

Therefore, life filled with these most positive experiences can be called happy. A variety of processes and phenomena can become their sources. Of course, we are talking not only about material things, but also about actions and impressions. Therefore, the reasonable task of everyone is to make the necessary things as pleasant as possible.

Time from waking up to bedtime, we fill with actions that in small steps lead to our goals. And it is just as important to fill this time with pleasant “things”. These moments and actions in the style of „slow life“ fill with energy and bring the consciousness into the state of sensation of each moment. Coffee in the morning? Let it be 15 minutes of unhurriedly brewed strong drink in a beautiful Turk and enjoyment of every sip. 10 minutes of evening shower? Not with thoughts about the past working day, but focused on the aroma of fruit soap. Conversation with child after school? With attention only to him, with full immersion in his story.

Minute respite

Another technique that helps slow down and really feel the moment is a brake every two hours or every hour. You just stop and relax. You will certainly be surprised at the tension in your face and body. Relax and look around. Where you are, look at the details and listen. How much is happening around.

Have you noticed how beautifully the curtain swings against the open window? And somewhere far away the train horn is heard... You have already forgotten how long you chose the table at which you are sitting. Move the papers away, see what color... and on the edge is a small family photo. It was made on a happy new year's day ...

Three minuses for "slow" life

And finally, three things that everyone can surely give up without regret, and thus make a step in slow life:

* thoughtless sitting on social networks;

unproductive multitasking, when reassessing one’s own capabilities and following planning becomes a crazy race with minimal results;

Already the first action releases in the life of those tens of minutes that it is reasonable to spend on enjoying the moment, unhurried thoughts or meditation. Explanation of the second is superfluous, because the growing group of cases with which you simply cannot cope adds neither calmness nor approaching the goal. Speak silently, slowly and only about pleasant or neutral things. Surround yourself with a calm setting.

Just because

Finally, to experience life in the “here and now” moment one of the best ways is to laugh and smile. So, you should have people who cause such positive emotions next to you. And interaction with them is not a profitable conversation, but communication for the sake of communication and joy.

Modern life often dictates the need for constant movement. Accustomed to this, we sometimes experience discomfort from the lack of this very movement. It seems to us that we miss the moment, in vain we waste time. Is it so? The culture of “Slow Life” implies the rejection of unnecessary goals and actions: imposed or unjustifiably “expensive” - those that consume more of the body’s resources than ultimately produce results.

The concept of slow life, unhurried enjoyment of moments and processes, the values ​​of intangible things, such as health, tranquility, relationships and communication with loved ones, can be embedded in your everyday life.

Take your time - in the end, nothing is perfect, but to make every day slower, more comfortable and happy is possible.


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