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What Problems Are on the Way to Perfection

Only a few can become masters of their work. To do this, you need to make an effort and follow certain rules, what units are capable of. This article is worth finding out what obstacles are on the way to perfection.

Too much attention to the goal

Many people want everything at once, not putting effort to work out easily. This can be attributed to the worst, in achieving the goal. A person may have big plans and dreams, but do not forget about a sober assessment, is it possible to achieve this.

Very poor learning

You should always have a mentor who can constantly help. Do not walk from one teacher to another. This is very inefficient, because it is simply a waste of energy to search, but not to learn. Education is primarily your concern, not the teacher.


On the one hand, laziness is good, since you do not work, and therefore you do not spend energy. Laziness is a completely natural phenomenon. But it can be a serious obstacle to achieving the goal. It can trivially lead astray. You have to decide whether to fight it or not.

Drug addiction and alcoholism

Drugs can destructively affect the achievement of the goal. A person because of substances may simply stop enjoying his beloved work. So gradually it will seem to him that his goal of resources is not at all worth it, because you can get pleasure much easier. The same applies to alcohol, it tritely leads out of a rut, because of which, you can not function properly and achieve heights.


If you want to become the best in some business just for recognition, then this is a clear sign that you will not reach any peaks. Your every blunder will be perceived as a failure, and not a part of cultivation.

Extra seriousness

When a person takes his business too seriously and does not even allow smiles in the process, then it is difficult for him to succeed. Positive attitude to the task is the key to success.


Permanent mode helps in achieving the goal, since this rhythm leads only forward, without various distractions to unnecessary things. For example, a person must have his own ritual before starting work, which he does every time while doing his business. Surgeons before the operation always do the same thing, namely, wash their hands and put on gloves in the same way they used to put on. The same should be with you. Variability not only leads to the loss of precious time, but also to the fact that the work will be much more difficult. The path to excellence requires a specific schedule.

Perfection and perfectionism

Throughout his conscious life, a person faces masters of his craft. On television, we are shown only the best artists, musicians, poets, and athletes. Identifying ourselves with them, we think of mastery on a level with them, which leads to apathy and unwillingness to do our own business, since at their level our skill is rather low. After all, many people are very critical of themselves. To achieve heights such reasoning is very destructive. Moving forward is a move primarily for yourself, not for us to be shown on TV.


If you are a completely simple person who has started playing sports, then most likely in the process you may get injured. Serious injuries can knock you off for a while, and maybe forever. Therefore, you need to understand that this is part of the movement, part of the achievement of excellence. You need to take your body and live with it in harmony, paying attention to all the little things.

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