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How to Change Yourself in 21 Days?

An organism has such a property as the ability to adapt to everything. In everyday life, people do so many things that they don’t even notice. These habits do not take much time, these actions seem easy, because they are performed automatically. Similarly, you can make a habit of proper nutrition, sports, reading books and much more.

Many psychologists believe that you can get a habit for 21 days. In three weeks a person learns new rules, gets used to actions, and the body adapts to the new rhythm of life.

How to act to change your lifestyle?

First you need to make a diary, which will mark the main goals that need to be achieved. Do not immediately try to instill in yourself all the desired qualities and habits. Everything should happen gradually, so there is less chance of failure. Mark the specific goal and time for its implementation. For example, every day devote 20 minutes to learn a foreign language. A diary will help control yourself and track success.

Do not postpone work on yourself indefinitely. If you want to act, act now. Constantly waiting for Monday or the first day of the month is irrational. While the waiting for the motivation will decrease and therefore the chance of success too. The sooner work on oneself begins, the sooner results will appear that will inspire further transformation.

If laziness appears, then you can try to follow the rule of "5 seconds." You need to get down to work within five seconds. In such a short time, a person will not have time to comprehend everything and come up with new reasons for not implementing the plan.

Do not stop, even if the case is completely disliked. You can consider an example: many athletes notice that after a while the result disappears: the weight does not decrease, the muscles do not grow. Such a period can vary greatly depending on a particular person. And many are beginning to be disappointed. However, those who, despite the temporary cessation of success, continued to engage in, later began to notice the results again. The same can be said about any other matter. If at some point it starts to bother and dislike, and there is no sense in permanent work, then you should not immediately quit. You need to overpower yourself a little and after a while the result will appear.

Well, and most important, do not overload yourself. As mentioned earlier, everything should be in moderation. A large load will reduce the interest in the case and therefore, kill motivation. So just do your favorite work and do not forget about the rest.

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