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8 Rules for Skin Care After 30

By the age of 30, young girls turn into beautiful women. They become more independent and self-confident.

Age-related changes occur not only in the inner world, but in the appearance of beautiful women. The first wrinkles appear, and the skin becomes less elastic. To preserve youth you need the right care for your skin.

New menu

A wonderful time when you can overeat goodies without thinking about the consequences is gone. It is time to take care of your diet, because all the food is now reflected in the appearance. Flour, sweet and fatty can not only spoil the shape, but also significantly worsen the skin condition. Excessive consumption of sugar will lead to dryness of the epidermis, and fast foods can disrupt the sebaceous glands. Both cause irritation and acne.

Now the food should be balanced and contain enough vitamins. Nutritionists advise to include in your menu fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, seafood.

Get rid of stress

The modern rhythm of life passes in a high-speed mode. Constant overload at work and in personal life leads to regular stress. And stress is the first enemy of beauty, so you definitely need to learn how to find a balance between business and relaxation. To do this, you can sign up for yoga classes or engage in meditation. It is also recommended to use water treatments, as water quickly and well removes negative energy. Take a shower 2 times a day: morning for awakening and vigor, and evening to relieve the burden of daytime problems.

Expert advice

Each person has their own characteristics of the body, and the skin can perceive different cosmetics in different ways. For this reason, the advice of friends can play a cruel joke. For the proper selection of anti-aging procedure it is better to contact a beautician. He will advise special cosmetics, considering all the pros and cons of the skin. If more serious problems arise in the form of various irritations or pigment spots, then a dermatologist is needed.

Sun or shade

Bronze tan looks great, but you need to take a sun bath with caution. The fact is that there are 2 main types of solar radiation: UVB-rays and UVA-rays. The first causes burns, and the second penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and provokes the appearance of freckles, as well as awakens the aging process by evaporation of moisture. That is why it is so important to use protective cosmetics and limit time being under the sun.

Regular treatments

Very often, body care at a young age is not good. By the age of 30, this “criminal” action cannot be performed. On the contrary, it is necessary to include anti-aging procedures in your schedule, and it is necessary to perform them regularly.

Quality cream

Most beautiful ladies, by the age of 30, acquire a stable income and the ability to distribute money. They make financial plans, which do not always include the purchase of expensive cosmetics, and it is not recommended to skip this column. The condition of the skin depends on the composition of the creams and tonics used. Cheap things are very often of poor quality, so you should not save on your appearance.

Daily walks

Despite the different weather conditions, experts insist on daily walks. The reason is that healthy skin needs normal blood circulation and the blood circulates with sufficient oxygen in the body.

Positive emotions

It has long been no secret that a smile is the best medicine. This method is often used to treat patients. And external beauty directly depends on the health of the body. So smile more often.

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