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Spring Avitaminosis or What Foods Strengthen the Immune System.

Spring avitaminosis, or what foods strengthen the immune system.

With the arrival of the long-awaited spring, drowsiness, general breakdown and blues appear. In order not to miss the spring rays of the sun and wake up with nature from the winter nap, it is necessary to cope with vitamin deficiency.

Avitaminosis is a critical deficiency of the vitamins in the body. To diagnose vitamin deficiency, pay attention to the general condition of the body. Drowsiness is one of the first symptoms. It is important to separate the concepts of sleep and drowsiness. Sleep can be complete, but during the day there is a lack of energy.

Avitaminosis instantly affects the productivity of the brain work. Memory, attentiveness, perseverance and coordination are deteriorating. With a lack of vitamin C, a person becomes irritable.

Full vitamin deficiency is a rarity. As a rule, by the end of winter, the body lacks only a vitamin group. Defining a specific list is practically impossible. Therefore, doctors prefer to prescribe a full vitamin course.

What vitamins are needed and where are they contained?

Any healthy food contains a number of essential vitamins and minerals. However, in order to replenish the stock is to focus on the next series of vitamin and foods. How to survive spring vitamin deficiency, or what kind of fruit strengthens the immune system:

- Vitamin D

This vitamin is called "sun" because it is produced in the body independently when exposed to the surface of the skin in direct sunlight. It is not surprising that after a bleak winter, we lack this vitamin. Its importance lies in the fact that it is with the help of vitamin D that vital calcium is absorbed.

Vitamin D is contained in fish oil, egg yolk, caviar, liver, butter, milk and walnuts. For the course of recovery, it is enough to eat 5-7 pieces daily.

- Vitamin C

Named ascorbic acid. Practically all people by the beginning of spring lack it. The main task of this vitamin is to maintain immunity in working condition. A large amount of vitamin C is found in sea buckthorn, apples, black currants, wild rose, greens, strawberries, cabbage, sorrel, legumes, kiwi, citrus fruits.

It is a delusion to think that citrus fruits are leading in the content of vitamin C. Of these products, the champion is kiwi.

- Vitamin A

Palmitate. This vitamin is responsible for good vision. Its lack leads to inattention and eyestrain. Especially important vitamin for children of school and preschool age, because it is responsible for the formation of the skeleton. To compensate the lack of vitamin reserve, you can use nettle, pumpkin, beet, carrot, apricot, tomato, corn, bell pepper and red pepper.

- Vitamin B1

The main task of thiamine (vitamin B1) is to control the functioning of the nervous system. It is produced independently in the intestinal microflora, but this dose is not inadequate. Therefore, to maintain themselves in a good state of mind, it is recommended to eat buckwheat, rice, wheat flour, yeast, oats, beans, pork or beef.

If your diet is reasonably balanced, and you eat cereals daily, then you and your family are not at risk of thiamine deficiency.

- Vitamin B2

Vitamin of growth. Especially important for children under 18 years of age.

Also, vitamin is responsible for hemoglobin in the blood and promotes healing. A large amount of riboflavin (Vitamin B) is found in fish products, meat, eggs, milk, cereals and yeast. The daily dose of vitamin is 2 eggs.

- Vitamin E

Otherwise called the vitamin of youth. Direct appointment is the control of the gonads and muscle tissue. For the prevention and treatment wild rose, olive oil and egg yolk must be included in the diet. Also a large amount of tocopherol (Vitamin E) is contained in the green leaves of sorrel and lettuce.

To prevent avitaminosis diversify your menu with useful products. To save vitamins - vegetables are better to be steamed or boiled. Roasted and steamed vegetables lose 80% of the vitamin in the cooking process.

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