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3 Best Techniques for Generating Ideas and Developing Creativity

Even the most creative and resourceful people sometimes suffer from lack of fresh ideas for their work or hobby. Sometimes the cause is exhaustion, overload or simply unwillingness to create, but the fact remains the same: you have been sitting in your own office for several hours trying to come up with something worthwhile. Especially for those who know this situation firsthand, we publish 3 best techniques for generating fresh ideas and promoting creativity.

Six Hats Method

A very interesting and useful technique that Edward de Bono, a famous British psychologist and expert on creative thinking came up with. This approach does not require the involvement of outsiders and allows you to look at your own idea from several points of view. The essence of the technique is to visualize six colorful hats in front of you, and put them on one by one. White hat allows you to impartially analyze the idea and calculate the possible consequences of its implementation. Black hat helps to see the negative in your idea: “putting it on” look for the dark side in your thoughts. Yellow - helps to see the positive and only positive, green will allow you to come up with an alternative, and in red you can finally give in to your emotions. The last - blue hat allows you to sum up, paying attention to previous findings.

Method of finding analogies

The author of this technique is William Gordon, who is sure that the key to creativity lies in the search for analogies to his goal. In order to push your mind to the search for new solutions, you must draw a small tablet. The top line above the tablet our object to which we must find a new approach should be written down. In the first column, we write direct analogies to the object, in the second - indirect ones. Alternatively, for the second column, you can use the negation of the analogies described in the first. Thus, if we assume that we had a box of colored pencils as an object, and our goal was to expand the store's range, we would write “bulky and comfortable pencils” in the first column and “flat pencils” in the second column. But who would be interested in flat pencils? As an option - you can make colored bookmarks with an insert of compressed slate.

Mental Card Method

This method should be known to you if you have ever tried to learn a foreign language. Yes, yes, this is the very Mind map, which many of us have drawn in school notebooks. Interestingly, a childish way to memorize verbs better can help you even now, but already for building logical connections, fixing ideas and other useful things.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of Mind map, we will explain: this is such a special pattern that helps to navigate the wilds of their own thoughts. To make such a card is very simple - take a piece of paper, and write down your keyword in the middle of it, and somewhere above it is a goal. All associations with the object and ideas worthy and unworthy of attention should be written on the “branches” - lines stretching from the object to the association clouds. According to psychologists, this method will not only help you remember and logically link some components of your idea, but may also push you to a new idea.

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