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All Diseases Come From the Nerves

In ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, healers suggested that due to mental experiences the human body may undergo physical changes. Modern science has proven this and doctors know for sure that a high percentage of various diseases are associated with nerves.

All diseases come from nerves and stress?

Today, probably everyone has heard such an expression as "... it's all because of the nerves" - these are not empty words. They mean so much, but not many know and understand that it really is. The rhythm of modern time makes our body overstrain, add to this the constant lack of sleep, not always a healthy diet. All this, in one way or another, leads our organism to failures.

For example, yesterday's vivid working discussion can easily be reflected today in the form of cramps in the abdominal cavity. It is because of just one word - stress!

Today, according to statistics, more than 43% of the population turn to medical institutions with complaints of health problems that are caused by stress. Stress is essentially a mental disorder caused by failures in the nervous system. The body is designed so that our nervous system regulates most of the working functions in a single rhythm. Stress violates this rhythm, the failure of the working system of the whole organism.

The nervous system works together with the brain, and in the event of stress, their first task is to prevent an attack from the outside. There is an activation of the nerve centers, a huge amount of adrenaline and other hormones that provoke stress are released. At this point, a person's blood pressure rises sharply, the heart rate rises, a tone appears, blood flow to the brain and the heart accelerates and increases, the work of the digestive system is disturbed by spasms.

Modern medicine considers stress to be one of the oldest evolutionary mechanisms that we inherited from animals. At the moment of danger, the body sends a signal to the brain, the brain makes a decision to move on to protection, a very simple mechanism that we developed in the process of evolution. And although today no one is chasing mammoths, for millions of years, evolutionary processes have not changed. The processes of stress response in modern humans are exactly the same as in our ancestors of the cave period. Nature arranged everything simply, at the moment of danger, a large amount of energy is released, protective systems are turned on, the reserve potential in the brain, muscles and heart are activated. But the discharge does not occur, and our body spends a huge amount of "money" to restore the normal stable and adequate condition. Furthermore, if such situations become frequent, developing into chronic ones, internal organs begin to suffer, so mental and nervous disorders and diseases arise.

Nowadays, scientists have carefully studied the "stress syndrome", and can accurately name the disease caused by a disorder in the nervous system. These include headaches and dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders, bronchial asthma, high blood pressure, bouts of irritability, fear and panic, groundless aggression. Scientists have found that all these nodes of our body are organs of hypersensitivity, they are vulnerable and therefore most susceptible to stressful situations. Even a quarrel, a dispute, an argy conversation or just a minor conflict can cause a malfunction in our body - a state of stress immediately occurs.

How to escape from stress?

All the same, doctors say, it is important to learn to monitor your psycho-emotional state. It is necessary to try not to clash, and if such a situation happened, to find its compromise resolution.

If you understand that you cannot cope with this situation yourself, you should immediately contact a professional doctor.

It will be useful to review your daily routine and diet.

Walking in the fresh air, sports, yoga, change of occupation, creativity or doing something you love will have a positive effect on the work of the nervous system.

Still, you just need to relax, 15 minutes of solitude in silence is enough, and your body will return to normal state.


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