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Top Most Harmful Products

We are what we eat - it is well-known, but not everyone knows that our usual food is not good, but harm. Usually, this is our favorite food. In this article, we will find out which products are harmful and why.


One jar with a volume of 0.33 ml. contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. The daily rate of maximum 6. The use of such drinks, increases the tendency to obesity by 40%.


To improve the taste sugar is added in them, the content of which is equal to carbonated drinks.

White Bread

It is made from premium grade flour, after processing of which, the fiber content becomes 70% less than in whole grain.

Smoked products, sausages, bacon

In smoked products and sausages is contained a large number of carcinogens. That increases the risk of cancer by 20%.


The basis is made of premium flour. But for the filling harmful sausages are used. As a rule, a very low content of fiber, vitamins and proteins makes pizza not a useful product.

French fries

When frying potatoes in oil, a very harmful carcinogen acrylamide is formed, which contributes to the development of cancer.


It is deprived of nutrients, contains monosodium glutamate, which leads to disruption of the liver and eyesight.

Alcoholic drinks

With the abuse of alcohol, oxidative processes occur in the body, which can cause cancer of the esophagus and liver.

Factory sauces

Sauces contain large amounts of fats, salt, flavors and sugars. By consuming them, you quietly add 300 calories to your daily diet.

Pastry baking

For splitting the simple carbohydrates contained in baking, the pancreas has to produce a lot of insulin. Which can cause type 2 diabetes.

Chocolate bars

Do not have any benefit, but rather harm, because of the huge amount of sugar.

Breakfast cereals

Also rich in sugar, as well as dextrose and fructose, which does not give very positive effect on the pancreas.

Fat-Free Dairy Products

The constant use of low-fat dairy products leads to stagnation of bile and dysfunction of the gallbladder.


Due to the content of saturated fats, they can lead to the development of atherosclerosis and increase cholesterol.

Fructose based sweets

The alleged use of fructose has an effect on the body, just like regular sugar. It is not advisable to use such products for people with diabetes.

Fast food cereals

In such cereals, vitamins and fiber are completely destroyed, but the content of simple carbohydrates and sugars exceeds the permissible limits.

Cans with oil

In the form of a preservative, sodium salt is used, which affects the appearance of edema and pressure increase.

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