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Words That Destroy Our Health

How often do we think about what we say? What words we pronounce and what do we think about it? In addition to the words, parasites, vulgarisms, slang and jargon, which have long been firmly established in our lives, there are words and phrases that directly destroy our health.

For the first time about this phenomenon, said the German psychotherapist, doctor Nossrat Pezeshkian. The doctor found that people often use words and phrases that program diseases of the body. Subsequently, after studying this hypothesis, the doctor proved the materiality of his arguments and developed a method for dealing with this problem.

According to the doctor, almost all people, one way or another, use in their speech words that destroy their health. Without thinking, a person speaks words and phrases that are programmed and then materialize in the body. It is very difficult to protect yourself and recover from such a “disease”, because few people control their speech. The only way is to control the spoken words and the thoughts that arise. Words and thoughts are material, on this basis Dr. N. Pezeshkian gave the name to this phenomenon - organic speech.

Organic speech is the words and expressions pronounced by man that directly affect the physiological basis of the organism. These words are well known to all, because they are pronounced almost by EVERYONE! In fact, these words and expressions are destructive, have dangerous energy, are so strong that it has the ability to destroy the strongest health. These are words-destroyers, beautifully disguised as if under the innocuous expressions of their condition.

Pay attention, for example, to such phrases:

Walk in my shoes, fed up, run to death, have lost patience, sick and tired, drive one’s bonkers, tired as hell, like a knife in the heart, piss me off, and so on.

It is an excellent disguise, it seems to a person that he uses in his speech certain metaphors-definitions, “for good reason”, but, in fact, a person gives his body clear command-programs that the body simply cannot fail to perform.

Words and expressions that create and can support diseases:

- “fed up" - such words can provoke nervous disorders, anorexia, life dissatisfaction, irritability, nervousness.

- “an unbearable burden, constant problems - provoke osteochondrosis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

- “poisoned life, I don’t belong to myself, tired to death” - provokes cancer and oncological diseases.

- “just does not have strength” - kidney and liver failure, gynecological and urological diseases.

- “run ragged, spin out of thin air” - blood diseases and cardiovascular problems.

- “I let my anger down, give a damn on someone or something” - hyperventilation syndrome, asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary diseases.

- “a knife in the heart, my heart is broken” - heart attack, stroke.

- “thick-skinned, walk in my shoes, sensitive, susceptible” - allergic reactions of the skin disease.

- “tie into knots, stake a head, one big headache” - migraine, meteorological dependence, arterial pressure.

- "I’m out of patience, I can not stand it, I'm tired, turn up the heat, let loose" - hypertension, heart failure.

- “no joy, bitter, poisonous, tricky, gall” - obesity, inflammation of the gall bladder.

- “out of my sight” - a disease of sight.

- “I don’t want to hear this, shut up, do not make a noise, do not yell” - hearing problems, insomnia.

- “annoys, irritates” - depression, stress, neurosis.

Pezeshkian warns that there is absolutely no difference to whom or what these words or phrases are addressed or applied. The fact of the presence of such words and expressions in active speech lays (programs) and supports the disease.

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