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How to Choose a Fitness Bracelet

Fitness bracelet is one of the most simple and popular accessories that helps to monitor your health and lead a healthy lifestyle. A smart bracelet also helps and motivates to sports, and a variety of designs allows you to use it as an ornament. Among the many models is not easy to choose one, but it is quite possible to do this, knowing the basic characteristics of the device. First of all, you should focus on your own goals, pay attention to the functionality and appearance of the bracelet.

Functions of fitness bracelets

By the number of functions the devices are divided into two types:

* trackers; * smart bracelets.

Trackers are considered highly specialized gadgets with a limited set of functions. They are designed to measure the pulse, counting steps, measuring the phase of sleep, as well as the alarm. Such a device counts and records data that you can analyze yourself. Trackers offer dozens of well-known manufacturers, but less well-known brands are also popular. Fitness bracelets Mavens attract attention due to the wide functionality and reasonable price.

Smart bracelets are synchronized with a smartphone and perform more functions, so they resemble a smart watch. They not only count steps and calories, but also receive notifications about messages and calls, have built-in GPS and much more. So, if you need a bracelet exclusively for sports tasks, then the tracker’s functionality will be quite enough. It will help to collect information about the activity, calculate calories expended, and the smart bracelet will partially perform the functions of a smartphone.

Autonomy and appearance

To give accurate information about your activity, it is equipped with a battery. The trackers can work on one charge for more than a month, the autonomy of smart bracelets is somewhat less, but large enough so that you can not worry about daily charging. To increase battery life, it is worthwhile to disable features that are not used.

Easy and convenient device does not interfere with sports, it is almost imperceptible on hand. In addition, waterproof bracelets with protection from dust and moisture can be used in any weather and in any conditions. Almost all of them are equipped with displays to which data is displayed, but there are also models that transmit information to the application on the smartphone.

Not the last role is played by the appearance of the accessory, since it is worn on the wrist. Of the many models, you can always choose the right style. There are neutral models that are combined with a sports suit, and with a business style. Plastic and silicone bracelets have virtually no color restrictions, so you can choose the options for each day. Particularly convenient for this model with interchangeable straps.

Benefits of Fitness Bracelets

Among the benefits you get with a fitness bracelet there are the most important:

- heart rate measurement; - counting calories; - smartphone compatibility; - broadcast calls and messages; - clock and alarm.

Thereby, you will be able to follow your sporting achievements and set new goals. In addition, you will not miss important calls and messages on your smartphone. A simple and affordable companion contributes to self-organization, daily routine and healthy sleep.


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