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What Prevents You From Doing Sports Regularly?

Anyone wants to be beautiful and healthy and this is normal. Most people know that the right way to achieve the desired result is sport. But, unfortunately, for most of those willing and knowledgeable it is not more than just willing.

Why? By the fact that the whole problem lies in the head - in the aggregate of thoughts and attitudes that a person has set for himself. This set does not allow to achieve any results, and ultimately, reduces any initiatives to zero.

How to start and not quit playing sports?

If you want to get any result, you need to exercise at least half an hour every day! This is normal, and most importantly - real! If you decide to become a novice athlete, it is possible that even a 20-minute athletic load will initially seem huge to you. Or maybe you are so busy that even the same 20 minutes of free time is an unsolvable task for you.

In sports books and training video instructions, often, even for beginners, the time of training varies from half an hour to an hour and a half of intensive training, which is beyond your power, because you are a beginner. How to be? Start physical activity with 5 - 10 minutes! But it must be done daily! It is also true that in 5-10 minutes a day, you will not gain a bodybuilder figure, do not lose extra 10 kg. The main thing here is to understand that this short physical charge is for your head! So you can develop the main thing - the daily habit of physical exercise. And the pace, workload and time of classes can always be increased, and this should be done gradually.

If you are tormented by a thought like “I can’t make myself ...”, we must urgently get rid of it! To do this, reconsider the attitude to yourself and to sports. If, for example, running causes you to have something like “hard labor”, try to find your own way - find the type of physical exercise that you like. Do not like running, go in for karate or yoga, sport dancing or orienteering. Engage to the music. Look for yourself, and everything will work out for you!

If you are overcome by thoughts like “why do I need it ...?”, Then you are not motivated enough! It also happens this way, as long as your health is good. You are young, beautiful and healthy, and, as it were, you need to make a career, and there seems to be no time left for sport.

But it turns out that:

Sports reduce the risk of the emergence of diseases such as: stroke and diabetes, cancer and arthritis, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Exercise proven to increase the years of life. For example, only 15 minutes of daily sports activities will be able to extend the life from 2 to 3 years!

Exercising increases vitality and improves overall well-being and improves mood.

Being engaged in physical culture, you will become less subject to stress and depression.

Occupation by any kind of sport promotes improvement of a sexual life. The endurance of the body increases, you become more energetic, and therefore active and effective.

Now think, isn't this enough to do sports?

Do not think about the possibility that not everything works out for you yet, this is also your new, sporting experience. Even great athletes suffered defeats, especially at the beginning of training more often, it turns out not quite as it should. Let your body get used to the load first, see what it likes and what needs to be tightened. Over time, choose for yourself some suitable program or come up with an individual complex.

The main thing is to act! Good luck!


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