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Why Sugar Is Harmful to the Human Body

When it comes to sugar consumption, such phrases are often heard: it wouldn’t hurt a bit, little by little, it is fuel for the brain. Indeed, this is partly true. But the question is, how much sugar does the body need?

Sugar comes in different forms, not only white powdered beet sugar, and it is bought in a store. Sugar is also presented in honey, in various sweet syrups, not to mention the huge amount of prepared foods.

For example: the consumption of food with sugar annually costs the population of our country several billions, which we pay to dentists, therefore providing us with dental services, enterprises receive huge profits from the programmed addiction of the population to products that destroy our teeth.

Today's rate of sugar

In the last century, the average level of sugar consumption per year was from 7 to 9 kg per person. Today, the average person consumes sugar in an amount that is equal to his weight, plus more than 9 kg in cooked products. The human body is not able to carry as many refined carbohydrates. The organs that play an important role in the body are actually damaged by this gross consumption of a huge amount of carbohydrates.

Uselessness of sugar

Often a phrase is heard that moderates consumption of this empty carbohydrate is simply necessary for us, and excluding it from food is dangerous for the body. And although sugar is presented in many products, in one form or another, it does not itself contain:

- nutrients and enzymes;

- healthy fats and protein.

Sugar it's just empty and quickly digestible calories, which actually "pull" minerals from the body during digestion. They create a hormonal “shake-up” in the body when, when eating sugary foods, a cycle of positive feedback in the body begins, which stimulates further sugar intake. At a time when food was in short supply, and an abundance of various products came only in summer and people kept their food for the winter, it was much better. Nowadays, we have constant access to ready-made foods with artificial sugar, and this food has an extremely negative impact on people's health.

Here are some excerpts from the book “What you always wanted to know about food and nutrition,” by David Ruben:

“Sugar is the purest chemical, it is not food, and it is extracted from plant components. Sugar is cleaner than cocaine, to which it is very similar. Sugar is really called sucrose, and its chemical formula is C12H22O11. In sucrose, there is nothing but carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in the composition. ”

C17H21NO4 is cocaine formula, and for comparison, C12H22O11 is a sugar formula. Sugar has no nitrogen atom or “N” and this is the only difference in these two chemicals. ”

Only the sugar that a person consumes in fruits and vegetables is assimilated. Now it is clear that the sugar in its pure form is not only not needed by the body, but also harmful to health.

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