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Meditation As a New Lifestyle

Twenty years ago, only few people meditated. The mysterious word meditation evoked in the minds of the persistent image of a Buddhist monk in a lotus position with a peaceful and tranquil look. Now, people of completely different statuses and positions in society are meditating, ranging from housewives and ending with some kind of engineers or politicians.

It is in Singapore, even at airports there are separate rooms for meditation, but we has not reached this phenomenon yet to bring it to the state level and include, for example, in the school curriculum, but it would be worth it.

For some reason, meditation gradually invades our usual way of life. The answer is quite simple. The intensive development of computer technologies and in particular the Internet has led to the fact that every person who has access to it can, without exaggeration, receive any information.

But after all, the availability of information does not yet explain such a wide attraction. And here we come to the main reason why the practice of meditation has become so widespread in our time.

All the same intensive development of technology has led to the fact that the pace of modern life has increased significantly. Every day we get so much information and we manage to do so many things that many of our ancestors would not have dealt with this in a week, because their life was more calm and measured. Such a high pace of life generates great tension, both physical and moral. Many people suffer from recurrent stress and depression.

This is where meditation comes to the rescue. In search of some publicly available way to help themselves, people stumble upon information about this practice. Then, perhaps even jokingly, try to use it. And further, the most interesting, they feel the result. After a certain result, of course, I want more and more. This is how, in some cases, meditation comes in people's lives.

Another very common reason for the sharp popularity of the practice of meditation lies in its finer properties than ordinary relaxation. When a person is engaged in meditation, he does not just turn off his brain and body, at this moment something else happens to him. Certain transformations take place in consciousness. And they, in turn, lead to the transformation of the entire human life.

The spiritual quest, which by default is embedded in each person, is gradually satisfied with each lesson in meditation. The feeling of something bigger than you yourself comes in the process of practice, and, more importantly, the feeling that you are part of this vast world, and everything that happens to you, has resonance throughout the Universe. That's when you start behaving differently. Your actions are transformed, thoughts too. The power appears to overcome all egoistic impulses and you begin to live as part of that big one. The understanding comes that in purity your will is the will of that huge and big. Then a person begins to give up many things in his life. Life itself is completely transformed. All the excess gradually goes away, and in return comes a true sense of freedom.

If everything that is written above is not familiar to you, do not despair, just try it! If you are reading this article, then you are already on the right track. It remains only to sit down in a comfortable position for you, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Not now, you will do it for sure. Maybe in a week, a month, a year, but you will. Good luck to you in all good endeavors!


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