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Early Rise or How to Manage Time

A well-known saying says: “early bird catches the worm”. This is the wisdom of generations and the secret of success. Why is it important to learn to get up early? How to manage time?

A few centuries ago, the working day began at sunrise and ended at sunset. The sooner you get up, the more you have time to do, and, therefore, the result will be higher. Many time management experts and successful people talk about the benefits of early wake up for both work and career. Many of them say that early morning is their favorite work time, when the whole world is still asleep and everything is shrouded in silence.

Of course, not everybody finds early rise easy, however, most of us have to overpower ourselves and get up so as not to be late for work or school. So how do you learn to get up early, being filled with energy? How to manage time so that it is enough for everything?

Usually, deciding to sleep a little bit more, the person mentally puts aside some of his daily duties. Deferred washing-up after breakfast, the collection and release of garbage can turn into a mountain of dishes in the kitchen and a real dump near the rubbish bin. If you get up early, you will have time and you can get to work on time.

There are so-called laws of success, one of which says that you need to get up early, because it will release a lot of time for those things that are supposed to be done in the morning. You finally have time to take care of yourself, check your mail, choose a suit or think through an image. Cooking breakfast for loved ones or making a plan for the day.

If your day promises to be stressful and busy, start to solve problems and manage time in the morning. Morning silence is the best suited for solving problems that require maximum concentration on the main issue. As the whole world sees the last sweet dreams around you, you begin to act. Let in the inner peace and peace of the early morning, and try to transfer it to your working day.

Good role in achieving success plays good nutrition. Only a fully functioning organism is able to withstand the daily stress, associated not only with the need to be constantly in motion, but also with psycho-emotional stress.

The body needs the necessary energy from food. That is why the importance of breakfast cannot be underestimated. It is breakfast that gives the energy charge that keeps you in good shape throughout the first half of the day. The extra half an hour you spent sleeping would not help if you stole them from breakfast. Your body needs not only recovery, but also recharging. In order to manage your time, you need to keep your body in proper working condition.

Waking up early, you set aside time for another useful event - morning exercises. Much has recently been said and written about the benefits of physical exertion, so it is not worth dwelling on this. We can only say that the morning exercises will not only help to keep the shape, but also have a positive effect on volitional qualities, help you finally wake up and relieve stress.

Early rise is a matter of habit. It will be very difficult for many at first to overcome the pull of the pillow, however, if you persevere, everything will eventually return to normal. Getting up early will be much easier. Time management specialists recommend creating your own sleep and rest schedule, and sticking to it. The body gets used to falling asleep and waking up at the same time, and with time it stops protesting.

In order to get up early in the morning, you can put an alarm clock or a phone with an exposed call so that to turn off the alarm you need to get out of bed and walk a few steps. You can choose the ringtone at your discretion, only to make it pleasant to wake up.

Try to imagine an early recovery as a collection of new, previously inaccessible opportunities. Given the undoubted advantages of an early rise listed above, it can be concluded that an early rise is an integral part of any successful time management strategy.


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