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Influence the Mood With the Help of Clothes

Each item of clothing carries a certain emotional message, so some things make us happy, some we adore, and still another cause disappointment. It depends on the style, texture and color of the clothes. Is it possible to control the process of the impact of clothes on our mood? Not only possible, but definitely necessary. And the following simple tips will help you to succeed in that.

Rate your wardrobe

To start, sort out your wardrobe and divide things into four categories with different emotional backgrounds:

* favorite clothes that you wear regularly; * holiday outfits that you like; * clothes that do not cause negativity, but are already pretty tired; * things that cause negative emotions.

Leave only the first two groups in your wardrobe. For some time remove the clothes from the third group to the far closet — when you break away from them and rest, you can return them to the active wardrobe again. But the things from the last group you need to leave once and for all. If it is a pity to throw away clothes, give them to those in need or for recycling.

After parsing the wardrobe there are few things to please you? It's time for shopping. Do not bother yourself with long shopping if this causes you to have negative emotions.

Do not be afraid of bold images

The dress code is needed only at work, but for everyday and evening wardrobe you can choose the clothes that you like, regardless of fashion and public opinion. Want to wear tops, but doubt their relevance in your wardrobe? After viewing the catalog of tops for any occasion, select an elegant item to suit your style and enjoy a fashionable outfit. Have you long dreamed of uncommon cargo pants or a bright jumpsuit? It's time to buy them! Do this - and soon there will only be your favorite clothes in your wardrobe.

Be ready for force majeure

Any trouble with clothes, whether it's arrows, a broken clasp, or a button that has come off, can instantly ruin your mood. To protect yourself from negative emotions, get ready for possible force majeure in advance - no one is safe from them. Carry a needle and thread in your bag, spare tights and pins. The button can be sewn, the zipper can be stitched or fastened with pins, and the tights can be saved.

Consider the impact of colors

Each color in its own way affects the mood of a person:

* white - soothes and reduces irritation; * yellow, orange, pink - increase vigor and activity, give a feeling of happiness; * green and blue - improve productivity and help to focus; * brown - gives a sense of stability and reliability; * purple and emerald - create an atmosphere of celebration.

Avoid a lot of dark purple, gray and deep purple hues in clothes - they can

depress and cause dark thoughts.

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