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How Does Our Brain Work? 2 Things You Might Not Know

We know little about the work of our brain. Most of the time it functions on the mental habits that we have developed over the years. This article will discuss the two most amazing discoveries made by scientists about the functioning of our brain. These facts will not only transform your self-image, but also help to improve your life.

The researchers found that our brain does not distinguish reality from fantasy. Experiments with professional athletes have proven this. They were asked to lie down and imagine the doing their favorite sport. As a result, the brain sent signals and is forced to contract the very muscle groups that would be involved in this training.

Therefore, the placebo effect may be no less effective than the medicine. If your brain thinks you have taken a febrifuge, then it orders the body to lower the temperature.

The reverse effect works the same way. If a suspicious person hears on TV that a new virus is now spreading, then within a couple of hours he can feel the first symptoms of the disease, which were told in advance on television.

This also applies to our thinking. How often do we grieve or become discouraged without a real reason? One has only to remember about it and consciously switch oneself to positive thoughts and there will be no trace of the negative state. Of course, this will not change the reality itself, but will allow you to be more productive and energetic.

Changing your own beliefs, you change even the physical structure of your brain. When you focus on a particular thought or activity, your brain at this moment forms new neural connections. In science, which studies the brain, this phenomenon is called neuroplasticity.

What does this mean for us in practical terms?

If you think that losing excess weight is an impossible task for you, then your brain will build the appropriate neural nodes. And over time, you will increasingly be convinced of your own “rightness”.

But it is necessary to introduce a new idea that will dilute the habitual thinking: “I can easily lose weight”, as the brain will immediately form new connections of neurons, allowing you to develop not only willpower, but also notice opportunities in the surrounding world to solve your problem.

Any physical action starts from your thoughts. Therefore, you have all the power to change and make your life happier.

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