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Home Fitness or How to Lose Weight Without a Coach

Losing weight is not so difficult, if you go to the gym to a competent trainer and there are no health problems. But a modern person has many duties and interests, and it is often not easy to find time to visit the gym. Sometimes the schedule of classes in the club is uncomfortable, and individual workouts - the service is not cheap. These circumstances force many to give up and say that fitness is not for them. However, you can get yourself in shape without a coach and even without visiting the hall. The main thing - to set a goal!

Home gym

What is good in fitness: effective exercises for the figure do not require special equipment. At the first stage, you only need a mat, then you can take a dumbbell.

The choice of exercises depends on the level of training, state of health and which parts of the body you have identified as “problem”. You can take online lessons from famous trainers or make your own combination, focusing on the feelings and well-being. Selection of exercises for different muscle groups is easy to find on the Internet. But whatever you do - be sure to follow the technique of doing the exercises!

The first rule is regularity!

Many people do it from time to time. If there is a mood - they took a dumbbell, then relax at the bar - and forgot about physical education for a month. In order to justify a long inactivity, some are intensively engaged in an hour or two, so much so that the next day they can barely walk because of pain in the muscles, but there is enough enthusiasm for once a week or two. The problem is that even if you attend a three-hour fitness marathon, there will be no effect if you do not practice regularly.

Regularity is determined by the personal schedule. Someone can set aside for classes every day for an hour or at least 15–20 minutes - great! If not, hourly workouts 3 times a week will be optimal. At the same time distribute the load, do not try to catch up, depleting yourself, even if you have missed the previous lesson. Besides the fact that it is harmful to health, the body will perceive such stress as a threat, and at any danger the “store fat” signal is turned on.

Proper nutrition is very important

There is an opinion that proper nutrition is a complete rejection of all harmful or high-calorie foods, but it is not. With a built-in nutritional pattern, you can from time to time allow yourself to eat tasty “harmfulness” - if you mostly eat healthy food and do fitness, extra calories will not be deposited.

It is important to drink enough water. It is considered normal to drink 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight daily. But if this is unusual for you - do not push yourself, get used to it gradually. By instilling healthy habits and making fitness a part of your life, you will not only lose weight, but also become much healthier.

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