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Psychological Complexes: Where Do They Come From And How to Get Rid of Them?

Most of the psychological complexes are acquired in childhood, since the child does not know how to understand the information he has seen and heard, all the negatives about him are deposited directly in the subconscious. There are also complexes acquired during the life and which depend on the person's reaction to someone else's opinion. People have various complexes that can be related to different areas and make a person be unsure of herself or himself and own actions. The manifestation of the complexes occurs in different ways, they may not be visible, but depending on their height, they can turn into nervous breakdowns, depression, aggression.

Types of psychological complexes

According to psychologists, there are two types of complexes, regarding the nature of their origin:

1. Physical complexes - refer to the physical data of a person, his appearance, body features. Such as nose, ears, shape, height, weight characteristics.

2. Mental complexes - refer to the mental sphere, prejudice. For example, self-doubt, guilt complexes, victims, etc.

Inferiority complex

This complex is formed in the childhood from negative experience and brought into conscious life. People with such a complex are subject to pressure of others, their manipulations. They behave uncertainly in the company, they live in anticipation of reproaches and are experiencing them on many occasions.

Superiority complex

A person’s confidence that he is better than everyone else and surpasses them in something. These people have an exaggerated and unrealistic view of themselves. Such people stand out in communication with others in their manner of talking, looking at them with superiority. They always look good on the outside, but often they will let others know that they do not reach their level. In fact, this behavior is a defense against feelings of inferiority.

How to get rid of the complexes?

Having studied the above information, you can come to the following conclusions. The presence of complexes in humans means the presence of problems, the negative impact that leads to an underestimation of self-esteem. A large number of people live with a misconception about themselves because of the apparent lack of understanding and rejection by society. The reasons for the complexes are the contradictions between one's own consciousness and what society is trying to impose.

The most dangerous complexes are those that a person cannot explain to himself. To get rid of them you need to determine the main causes of your state. A very effective way is to recognize the problem. A person needs to understand himself, to work on himself and on the problem that has arisen, to increase self-esteem, to reconsider his views and attitudes in society.

It must be remembered that each person is individual, beautiful and there is no reason to worry about any reason, instilling various complexes in oneself.

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