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How to Manage Your Time? 10 Time Management Rules

Time is the most fluid, ambiguous and rapidly flowing substance, and at the same time, the most important resource in the life of every person. How to properly dispose of it is the first and quite natural question for a person who wants to work productively and develop. We will reveal the top 10 tips for managing your work and personal time.

1. Even if you never forget anything, make it a rule to write down your own ideas, plans, meetings. Remember: a goal that is not on paper is nowhere.

2. A good habit at the end of each week is to set aside an hour of free time to plan for the next 7 days. Be sure: you do not waste time in vain. Later it will pay off.

3. Be sure to set aside time in your schedule for yourself: you just need to give yourself rest from time to time. Determine a couple of hours when you can read a book, draw, watch a movie or just do nothing.

4. To say "no" to others - is normal. If the wishes of another person are contrary to your ideas, there is nothing wrong with refusal. Otherwise, in order to please him or her, you will harm your own goals. Do you need it?

5. You have to understand every step and do not need to do extra gestures. You must clearly understand what you spend your resources on - whether it is time or money.

6. Learn to set goals correctly. On the Internet on this subject there is a huge amount of information. First of all, remember: there is no need to formulate goals in such a way that there is a denial in the phrase. For example: not to be unemployed, not to be lazy, and so on.

7. Make a list of your bad habits - they also take away your resources. And the “harmless” cigarette that you smoke in front of the office can significantly affect your future routine. Get rid of bad habits or replace them with useful ones.

8. The ideal is unattainable - remember this. No need to go into the jungle of perfectionism and try to do your job perfectly. Try to do well the first time, so as not to take time for rework - and this will be quite enough.

9. Do not overload your brain with many tasks. Psychologists advise to write down any, even the smallest tasks of the day, in a separate diary. But if there are too many of them, you will unconsciously hurry and try to do everything faster.

10. Always celebrate your successes - we have already talked about this before, and we repeat it again. This is very important both for your self-esteem and for a better understanding of what you are actually doing.


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