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The Harm Of Alcohol And Its Impact On The Human Body

Many people do not see anything wrong with drinking alcohol in the evening, on weekends or on holidays. And harmless, at first glance, hobby turns into a bad habit. This article provides 19 reasons for refusal of alcohol, considers the harm of alcohol and its impact on the human body.

1. Alcohol is the cause of many diseases, lack of discipline, ruined talents, senseless conflicts and poverty.

2. It is difficult to find a greater evil than alcohol, which would so persistently and ruthlessly hurt the health of millions of people, so dramatically destroy all the tissues and organs of man, the mind and personality of man, leading him to an early death.

3. About the impact of alcohol on the life of the person the following facts are telling: 50 percent of the accidents, 1/3 of suicides, 80 percent of the deaths from cancer of the oral cavity and esophagus.

4. As a result of studies conducted using the latest technology, Australian scientists have concluded that among alcoholics and among moderate users there is drying of the brain. Alcoholic beverages are destroying our brains (1000-2000 cells).

5. Alcohol affects children before they are born. Even families of moderate drinkers of alcohol have babies with delayed development, mental retardation, even dead. Because of their addiction to alcohol and drugs, women in America give birth to thousands of premature babies every day. Drinking parents are the most terrible thieves stealing from their own children the happiness of future discoveries, the happiness of living a full life.

6. If the genetic code of a person is damaged, the whole generation is in danger. Nowadays, the violation of the genetic code by 96% is due to various drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs).

7. Alcohol as a drug is harmful in all forms and in any dose to the human body, because it acts as morphine or marijuana , creating the illusion of good and happiness, while bringing irreparable harm, like any other poison.

8. According to WHO (World Health Organization), every third person on earth dies from causes related to alcohol consumption, every fifth — from causes related to smoking.

9. Many researchers have shown that if children are offered to play on their birthday or in a wedding, they reproduce, copy in games the attributes of an adult feast — sit at a common table, open bottles, clink, say toasts, walk wobbly gait. A survey of 100 boys in one of the kindergartens showed that 97% of children described alcohol intoxication well. From kindergarten age begins to form an idea of alcohol as a special, mandatory companion of celebrations and meetings, an attractive symbol of adult life. To 11-12 years they begin to form quite stable stereotypes of the attitude to drunkenness. They copy their parents and loved ones.

10. Teenagers assert themselves to those who drinks more. Euphoria is cultivated in such companies. Teenagers project their ideas of courage, masculinity, adulthood on alcoholism. The behavior contains many flashy, demonstrative, hysterical feelings.

11. According to statistics, people who drink live on average 10-15 years less. Smoking people for 8 years. That directly shows the harm of alcohol on the human body.

12. There is a misconception that alcohol should be taken "for fun". In fact, fun and laughter are very important moments in a person's life. They give rest to the brain, distract thoughts from everyday worries, strengthen the nervous system, preparing it for new work and worries. But laughter and fun are useful only when they occur in a sober person. Drunken "fun" can not exist in scientific and reasonable understanding of this condition. Drunken "fun" is nothing like excitement under anesthesia - this is the first stage of anesthesia, the stage of excitement that surgeons observe every day when giving the patient other drugs (ether, chloroform, morphine, etc.), those that are identical in their action with alcohol and just like alcohol, refer to drugs.

13. Alcohol creates the illusion of stress relief. In fact, the tension in the brain and in the entire nervous system is preserved, and when the hops pass, the tension is even greater than before the wine.

14. People have no innate need to drink beer, wine, vodka, etc. If there were no alcohol products and traditions to drink them, it would be possible to live quietly and not to cause harm to the organism and relatives.

15. For a conscious choice "to drink or not to drink" it is necessary to know how alcohol affects our body. "Advertisers" can write any legend about the usefulness of alcohol. In TV commercials beer is called "right", "life-giving"," for real men", trying to"connect " alcoholic products with sexual, patriotic, national, high-status characteristics of people. In order not to be deceived it is necessary to have objective information and learn to counteract advertising.

16. After drinking alcohol increases the amount of urine (diuresis), a loss of water and salts. After intoxication there is a strong thirst, that "pulls" on mineral waters. A brief systematic review of the real effects of alcohol on all types of metabolism in a living organism leads to one conclusion: all types of metabolism are disturbed. This set of "killing" effects causes antiseptic effect of ethyl alcohol and should be an obstacle to its use as a beverage.

17. For the money spent on drinking, you can, for example, buy a car. You can calculate how much money you spend on alcohol for months and years.

18. Often there are references to studies of foreign scientists, for example, a number of institutions from Munich, proving that beer helps with many diseases. First of all, it should be noted that all such studies were conducted with the financial support of the alcohol industry. Therefore, such results roam the media, but they are difficult to find in serious scientific journals, because such journals usually ask the authors to indicate the source of funding for the study, and if it is the alcohol or tobacco industry, the publication of such studies is perceived as a sign of bad taste.

19. You only need to get rid of addiction to become free and happy!

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