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Visualization: What It Is And How It Can Help Us

Surely, you have often heard of such a useful phenomenon as visualization. But what is it and why do we have to use it? Let's think together.

The word “Visualization” itself tells us that we will have to use our own vision or imagination. The essence of this term is to imagine the desired result and believe that you already have it.

Important: the image must be presented in all details, down to tiny flaws. For example, if I want to have a new phone for myself, I will not imagine how I am walking down the street satisfied with the purchase, and in my bag I have some kind of new phone. The universe needs specifics! I will present a specific model, color, feel it in the palm of my hand, imagine how the volume buttons will be felt under the fingers, and so on.

How does this help?

Psychologists have proved long ago that thoughts are material. You may not notice this phenomenon in your own life, but it is present. Even in trifles, human superpower is manifested through the thought of working with material things. For example, think: has it ever happened that you sit in a minibus and there is a free space next to you? In this case, you really do not want someone sitting next to you, and as if by magic, all the passengers pass by. Some even remain standing when there are no other places. There can be many examples, and they all confirm one thing: our thoughts possess tremendous power.

How to visualize?

Of course, all people are different from each other. Human thinking is as unique as fingerprints are unique, so giving some rules will not only be completely wrong, but simply meaningless. But we give you a couple of general recommendations.

Conscious visualization is an interesting process that requires concentration and tranquility, at least at first. So during this session, it is better to be alone with yourself.

It's no secret that there is a classification of people by types of perception:

• Audials • Visuals • Kinesthetics • Discrete.

The first is easier to perceive information by ear, the second better understand what they see before themselves, the third should definitely touch and feel, and with the fourth, the language of logic and numbers is best understood.

If you do not belong to the Visuals, it may be difficult at first to present a complete picture of what you want. Such people, trying to visualize an image, often unwittingly begin to pronounce to themselves the concept of desire. For such cases it is necessary to remember: Forming a thought about yourself do NOT say a wish with a part "NOT", for example: “I want not to be unemployed”.

“NOT” significantly complicates our brain’s task - try to figure out all these words and concepts. Dual negation will also not be taken well by our consciousness: “I cannot help getting fat”

Do not think about the bad. Remember: visualization is the process of realizing your bright and ardent desire to get something or to do something. Bad thoughts can significantly spoil your the mood. So visualize better in a calm state and in a good mood so that negative thoughts cannot reach you.

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