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Useful Properties of Honey Massage

Useful properties of massage have been known since ancient times. Even then it was noted that rubbing the body has a healing effect on the human health. To enhance the effect of the massage people use special creams and gels, essential oils and honey.

Honey is a natural antioxidant that perfectly removes toxins from the body. It contains a large number of important enzymes and vitamins and its biochemical composition is close to the composition of human blood plasma. Therefore, the skin absorbs honey well, and useful minerals are almost completely absorbed by the body.

There are different types of honey massage:

* Therapeutic massage improves blood circulation, helps to restore joint mobility, treats osteochondrosis and arthritis. It is indispensable in the period of colds, restores metabolic processes, helps to get rid of cough.

* Relaxation massage is useful for depression and insomnia, relieves physical and emotional fatigue.

* Cosmetic massage is used for weight loss, in the fight against cellulite. In this case, you can add a few drops of lavender oil and lemon juice to the honey. The skin after the procedures becomes smooth and elastic, lymph flow increases, the body goes slags and excess fluid under the skin fat capsules gradually dissolve.

Instead of candied honey use liquid. Procedures are recommended to be performed every other day, so as not to damage the capillaries and give the skin time to recover and rest. At the end of the session, honey is washed off with warm water, and a moisturizer is applied to the massaged areas.

Despite all the positive properties of honey, there are contraindications for massage with its use:

* allergy to bee products; * oncology; * skin disease; * varicose veins; * thromboses; * asthma; * high temperature; * kidney and liver diseases.

With the right course of honey massage (at least 15 sessions), you can achieve amazing results: beautiful skin, cheerful mood, improved figure, increased immunity. After all, bees, having a special instinct, do not collect nectar from all flowers, but choose them according to certain qualities and thus make a magical balm.

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