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7 Ways to Make Yourself For a Run In The Morning In Winter

Winter is the time of the laziest time. However, our productivity directly depends on how we start our new day. Blissful laziness in a warm bed - not the best option. Therefore, we present to your attention 7 effective ways to set yourself up for your morning jog.

Train several times a week Of course, it is better to do light jogging on a frosty morning every day, but if it is new to you, then it is better to start gradually accustoming your body to cold. Create a schedule and stick to it clearly. For a start, it will be enough to jog several times a week.

Record yourself at the city marathon If you run marathons in your city, then this is great. Sign up for the competition as a participant, and conscience just will not allow you to quit training. Preparation for city competitions will be a great motivation for you.

Find a partner for your morning workout It is very difficult to force yourself to get up in the morning from a warm bed, but if you have a companion with whom you have such an agreement, the feeling of responsibility will not allow you to leave a comrade alone.

If among your close acquaintances there is no person who dares to share the winter race with you, then you should turn to social networks for help. Surely in your city there are groups of people arranging winter runs. Join them and the chance to skip a workout without a good reason will be much lower.

Set a clear goal Form a clear goal for your runs. This may be the desire to win a marathon or lose weight. Concentrate on wanting to reach your goal as often as possible.

Plan "B" If you suddenly got out of bed and there is a severe frost, blizzard or ice on the street, then you should not force yourself to go jogging. This will be a good and balanced solution that will save you from injury or cold. However, the weather is not a reason to skip the morning sports activities. Think of an alternative for yourself, do crunches or other work-out at home.

Get ready in advance Prepare everything you need for your morning workout in advance. Wash shoes from the evening and prepare clothes so that you do not have time for doubts and thoughts. There is always a temptation to succumb to laziness.

Prize Come up with some kind of reward for your heroism.

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