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How to Improve Your Life?

We all ​​need to progress in order to improve our lives.

The first steps

Self-improvement is conscious work on oneself. Therefore, you need to be engaged in self-observation and try to maintain your self-esteem. Such an analysis will make it clear about the problems that you have at the moment. If these problems are with self-esteem, then:

- try not to compare yourself much with others. Each person has his own advantages and disadvantages. Even if it seems to you that you have no difference from the others, it is only because you have not found it yet.

- try to communicate only with positive-minded people. No need to keep around people who love to complain.

1% rule

In self-improvement of the personality, the first and most important role is played by self-development. It is necessary every day to improve your abilities and struggle with shortcomings, no matter how hard it is.

For example:

Today you will try to learn Spanish. Even if you spend 20 minutes on this, learn only few words and repeat one rule, you have already taken your first steps.

The next day, you can deal with your shortcomings. If you are not involved in sports, then just run for 10 minutes in the morning, and so on. Every day, take 1 small step, 1 step, which in a year will change your life beyond recognition.


After the first steps with self-knowledge and self-development, a person still needs to establish himself in society, even if he readily declares that it is not necessary. But there is one problem that people encounter - they just begin to putt theirself out there for people. No need to brag or impose someone else, people do not approve it.

Self-affirmation can be achieved through the adoption of all your current qualities. This is how you can understand where you are now and where you should grow.


Take a look around you. The environment is able to influence the course of our thoughts. Constant mess in the room can create the same mess in the mind. Also, if a person is committed to self-improvement, then why not to learn from the best? Sieg Ziglar, Steve Jobs. These people will be like a model for you. Assess how they developed, where they aspired, because knowledge is also around us.

Final stage

We already know that you need to communicate only with positive people, learn from the best, how to find your place. Now you need to prove to yourself that you are capable of anything. Set yourself 5 goals for a year or 1 goal for a month, whatever.

Set a goal that seems difficult to achieve. Run 5 km in 20 minutes. This is not as difficult as it seems, after a month of hard training, the result can be even better.

If you are afraid of heights, give yourself a month. Climb the mountains, walk on high bridges, get used to it, over time, your body itself will harden to the fear of heights and it will cease to be so frightening.

We must always remember that all restrictions are only in our head. If you want to change - you will do it! Act!


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