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How to Stop the Internal Time?

All processes in the material world are subjected to time. Everything that has ever been born will pass through the stages of growing up and will disappear, dissolving in the inexorable time stream. In the scripture of India, Bhagavad-gita, it is said that human beings come to the physical world from an unmanifested reality, live for some time and return to the state of unmanifest after death.

Between birth and death, each person lives with a constant whip of time that cannot be stopped. Sometimes people unconsciously commit madness, spend their only capital on the useless pastime in the search for new pleasures. Such activities can bring a soul nothing but loss of health. The only valuable occupation, in the opinion of most religions, is the desire to fulfill their divine mission in the allotted period of time of life.

In ancient times, the sages taught that one can gain spiritual freedom only by conquering time in oneself. Time is not only an external force that governs all world processes, it is also an internal category directing mental activity that affects the physiology of the body. While the internal time is working, the aging process and the further onset of old age cannot be stopped. If a person learns to slow down the run of time, he or she will acquire a powerful tool to combat diseases and wilting of the body.

Try the following technique. Closing your eyes you need to imagine that a dense, shining ball explodes above the top of the head. His vibrations burst into the body and calm all the processes occurring in the organs. If somewhere before the inflammatory processes developed, they are slowed down without further development.

For many people, the psyche, under constant stress, is in a depressed state. Practice will help to relax her. Having completely relaxed the body and turned the mind inward, one should ask the subconscious to show the coolest and most serene place inside. As soon as the feeling of this “territory” appears, it is necessary to mentally dive in and spread the feeling of freshness and purity on the body where ailments are. If there was a fever in the organs, then it will gradually disappear.

If you regularly do these practices, you can achieve a serious recovery of the body. Gradually, an awareness will appear and time could be operated by the power of thought.

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