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How to Deal With Insomnia?

Terrible word insomnia. Probably many of us at least once faced this disease. For normal body sleep must last at least 7-8 hours in order to restore lost strength and mental state. Worse is the case with prolonged insomnia-if it goes into a chronic state, you may need the help of a specialist, as it is more difficult to cope on their own. In addition, insomnia is a condition not only when a person can not sleep, but also a superficial sleep, in which the body does not receive a new charge of energy.

Reasons of insomnia

So, consider the main reasons why you may have trouble sleeping. First of all, these are physical, mental and emotional states of a person and surrounding factors.

Let's start with the last. Of course, the surrounding factors include external stimuli: the microclimate of the room (temperature, humidity, oxygen), the equipment of the bed (comfortable bed or sofa, orthopedic mattress and pillow), sound stimuli (household appliances, neighbors).

Before going to bed, you need to ventilate the room, it is better at this time to go for a walk.

The temperature recommended by doctors for a comfortable sleep is 16-20 degrees, however, consider this setting according to your own preferences.

Humidity is easy to regulate with the help of a humidifier, it is especially important during the connection of hot heating, or the use of heating devices that" dry " the air. You can also use an ionizer, it makes the air "discharged".

Now about sleeping place. Here it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of bedding. The bed should be wide enough and comfortable. The softness of the mattress and pillows will help to choose the sellers. The bed linen is clean, pleasant to the body and eyes.

The room should not be extraneous noise like the running of household appliances, radio, televisions, office equipment, as far as possible the cellphone. Since all the sounds, statics and rays coming from them are the enemies of a healthy sleep. The brain during sleep should relax and rest without unnecessary information. Watching TV should be avoided as much as possible.

So, healthy sleep requires a healthy lifestyle, rejection of bad habits (alcohol, smoking – always lead to a disorder of any activity of the body), compliance with the daily routine (accustomed the body to a certain time of awakening, eating, falling asleep) and diet (try 1.5-2 hours before bedtime not to eat heavy food). Late dinner is better to replace with a glass of fermented milk drink or fruit, so as not to force the stomach to work in an enhanced mode. And one more thing - there should be the load during the day.

Mental and emotional states of overexcitation are true friends of insomnia. It does not matter whether this overexcitation is caused by negative or positive things. Here it is important to relax, try to get away from the thoughts that cause this condition. Even if thoughts are connected with the happiest events – in the morning the state will remind of sleepless night.

How to overcome insomnia

In order to help the body relax, it would be good to take a warm bath, it is desirable to add a decoction of soothing herbs, or essential oils (Valerian, Melissa, geranium, ylang-ylang), or near the head of the bed to place an aroma lamp. Warm tea with a soothing effect before going to bed with a spoon of honey will help to sleep.

There are various techniques of relaxation, with concentration on breathing, auto-training. Or you can just dream up to pleasant sounds for meditation (the sound of the sea, the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves).

Of course, this is not all recommendations and if insomnia is your constant companion, then you need the help of a specialist.


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