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Herbs And Their Healing Properties

Herbs growing in our gardens can be our best helpers. We can escape pills and doubtful drugs with their help. We will talk about some of them, the most important for our beauty and health.

Valerian will easily relieve fatigue, anxiety, increase efficiency, eliminate abdominal pain caused by stress and anxiety. To improve your sleep take it before bedtime.

The healing herb of St. John's wort is known for a long time, as well as its incredibly useful properties. Tea made from it increases efficiency, blood pressure. You should drink it in the afternoon.

For the prevention of PMS, a tincture made from the fruits of Abraham's tree will help you wonderfully. Marjoram is good for the prevention of urinary infections.

Soybean sprouts could provide hormonal balance.

For menopause, clover will help, and a leaf of cranberry and bearberry tincture will restore your bladder's performance.

Healing herbs and plants also include Rose Hip and elder, which will increase your immunity, and the latter, moreover, will improve digestion and bile secretion.

Mint will help if you have such bad luck as bad breath. You can prepare a mint infusion and rinse your mouth after a meal. If you add oak bark and sage grass to your mint, you will simultaneously get rid of swollen gums, as well as bleeding and sores.

Melissa is a perfect herb to adjust the menstrual cycle, will help in the fight against viruses. It is beneficial for our intestine and beneficial for the heart.

Rose Hip root is simply an amazing remedy for cystitis. It is necessary to take 4 tablespoons of the roots, chop them, pour a liter of water, boil for 15 minutes. After that strain the broth with roots. Drink it 4 times a day, more effective in about 20 minutes before meals.

When cystitis also helps yarrow. Take 2 spoons of this herb, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for about one hour. Strain well and drink 50 ml as well as Rose Hip.

These herbs are our natural doctors and everybody could easily have them in the kitchen. Be healthy!

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