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Top 5 Myths About Water That We Used To Believe

Water is the most important element for supporting not only our body, but the whole planet. Sports magazines, articles in social networks distribute centuries-old myths about how to drink water to maintain health. In this article we will dispel misconceptions and will tell you some scientific facts about when and how to drink water.

Daily intake of water is 8 glasses This popular misconception has been traveling from one article to another for many years.Truly, the daily rate of water is approximately equal to 8 glasses, but it is also necessary to take into account that water enters the body with food. However, this phrase which was first mentioned by the German press in 1955 is usually taken too literally.

In addition, each individual organism, depending on the climate or working conditions will consume a different amount of water and therefore the daily rate will be purely individual. How to determine how much water you need to drink per day? It is always better to focus on your own desires.

You need to only drink store-bought water If your water doesn`t meet all sanitary standards, it is enough to boil it. You can also improve the quality of water with a help of filter.

Mineral and distilled water contains sodium and will be very useful in training. Therapeutic water from the pharmacy in any case can not be used for usual drinking.

Do not drink while eating It is believed that drinking while eating is very harmful. Often we have heard something similar from our grandmothers. However, scientists and nutritionists advise during meals to drink water in small sips, thus helping the stomach to digest food.

You can not drink water during training Physical education teachers were sure that drinking water during sports is very harmful. It was believed that the blood volume in the body increases and the heart performs double duty. However, in fact the opposite is true. When the body loses fluid the blood becomes thick and it becomes hard for heart to pump it. Therefore, during the workout be sure to drink enough water.

During the diet, you can not drink a lot of water If you decide to lose weight, be sure to drink your usual daily allowance. Think twice before you believe in such statements because water is an important element to maintain a good metabolism.

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