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The Reasons Why You Need To Eat More Spices

Each dish with the addition of spices acquires a new, unique taste. Even the addition of the usual spice already gives some features to the dish. If you know how to combine spices, you can make a good progress in preparing even the simplest dish. But the excellent taste is not the only advantage of spices, you can learn more about it in this article.

Spice types

Everyone at least once bought some spices: white sesame, black sesame, crushed dried garlic, sweet pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and many others. After buying and using them you may have different impressions. Maybe someone does not like them, but this can be because they have been bought from a poor-quality supplier.

All spices are divided into three types:

- spices

- vegetable herbs

- seasonings.

During cooking, spices are added. No meat is cooked without black pepper. With its help, the dish becomes sweeter or salty, sour or bitter. Spices include: salt, sugar, vinegar, citric acid, coconut chips, and even alcohol. Spices do not make the dish more flavorful, do not add a special smell to it, they affect its taste.

Vegetable herbs are often confused with spices; they include useful plant roots, leaves, flowers, or fruits. They can give the food a bit of bitterness, pungency or astringency, also they add a special aroma to a cooked dish. All spices have medicinal properties, so they not only make food more delicious but also give many useful substances to the body.

Seasonings are a combination of spices and vegetable herbs. Together they give the food a pleasant smell and a special taste. Seasonings are used to make a specific dish flavor.

What are the benefits of spices to the body?

Besides the fact that any spice gives the dish a new taste, it has many positive qualities:

- Cough treatment

- Improve digestion

- Are antiseptics

- Help fight cold

- Reduce blood cholesterol

- Help to normalize hormones

- Activate metabolic processes

- Enhance taste buds

- Help in losing weight

- Slow down the aging process.

Each spice can help to solve this or that problem. But you need to clearly know what kind of spice helps, what features and properties it has. After all, one spice cannot cope with all of the above. Each spice helps in one thing, therefore you need to understand the properties of each spice used in food.

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