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Not many people know that excessive food intake is a mental disorder, which is called in medicine "compulsive overeating." This disease is most susceptible to adolescent, families with many children, orphanages.

People who tormented themselves with different diets or simply limited themselves in food also suffer from this disease.

With such an illness, people often feel guilty, overeating again, or begin to blame themselves, do not like their reflection in the mirror, and can bring themselves to other mental disorders such as depression and bulimia. The gastrointestinal tract also suffers.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of the disease can be identified not only by the doctor, but by the patient himself, namely:

1. A person is stressed, and as result, eats a large amount of food in order to comfort himself or herself.

2. The process of overeating is difficult to stop.

3. The amount of food consumed is not controllable.

4. Eating too much food at once.

5. Desire and attempts to hide the food for later.

6. With all the above symptoms, a person fails to bring the situation under control.

Causes of the disease

Based on the opinion of experts of this field, the reason for such a pathology is food dependence. It occurs as a result of changes in the psyche from the consumption of fatty, salty and sweet foods. This disease is compared with dependence on narcotic drugs.

There is a number of reasons for the occurrence of the disease:

Genetic. Possible genetic failure.

Hormonal. If serotonin level is low.

Social factor. For example, food stimulation in the childhood or, on the contrary, reproach for a strong appetite.

Psychological. Severe depression or stress, low self-esteem.

As practice shows, it is not enough just to treat the symptoms, the problem needs to be eradicated, removing the cause.

Tips for getting rid of this addiction.

In order to eliminate the problem, first you need to reconsider your diet. Start eating healthy food. A plate should be chosen small so it will seem to the brain that there is a lot of food and it will signal about saturation earlier.

It is necessary to eat three – four times a day, but small snacks are also allowed.

The refrigerator should be free from all sorts of desserts and ready-made dishes, this technique will eliminate the temptations.

Diets also need to be eliminated, putting emphasis on a healthy eating.

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