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10 Tips how to Save Eyesight for a Long Time?

The life of modern people does not pass without the use of computers and all kinds of gadgets. They spend a lot of time with the electronics. A lot of work is done with the help of the computer or smartphones that are always in the hands of young people. Even free time is spent in front of the TV or the tablet. Any work, as well as watching movies and videos, reading e-books has a huge eye strain. What to do for the safety of the eyesight?

Consider these simple tips to keep our eyes from strain:

1) Do not use your smartphone on the move (in trolleybuses, car) or in dark rooms. This, compared to the rest, creates the greatest strain on the eyes. It is allowed only to listen to music, audio books etc.

2) The distance between the eyes and the gadgets is of great importance. The recommended minimum is 0.3 m.

3) Adjust the brightness and size of the font correctly. Screen text should be clearly visible. Do not squint your eyes.

4) Use a protective film, preferably matte. It will protect your smartphone or tablet from scratches, and will not miss the harmful glare from light.

5) Another component is nutrition. Do not neglect it. Your body must be constantly replenished with all the vitamins. This is especially true of vitamins such as vitamin A, which is found in fish, blueberries and eggs. It is also very useful to eat carrot for the eyes.

6) It is necessary to choose devices as carefully as possible. The technique should be the most secure, trust only proven manufacturers. Now on the market there are a large number of mobile devices, among which you can even find low-cost devices that guarantee maximum protection.

7) For people who like to read e-books, it is necessary to alternate electronics with paper books. After all, a change in the type of activity has not hurt anyone.

8) At the moment there are many exercises and groups of exercises that are easy to perform. They do not take much time, do not require special tools, but are incredibly effective. For example, there is such an exercise - to look away in different directions. This exercise is familiar to everyone. It is simple, and its effect is excellent.There are many methods on the Internet, like this one.

9) When you work with equipment for a very long time, your eyes dry. It is because we are so passionate that we forget to even blink. Therefore, you need to remember this and blink as often as possible.

10) It is difficult, of course, to tear your attention away from the networks, but it is still worth trying. We all know that the whole life of modern people is connected with electronic devices, but it is necessary to see the beauty around.

Electronic devices, of course, cause great harm to health. But thanks to the tips listed above, there is a chance to maintain eye health for a long time.

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