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Mentor`s Table Method

In this article we would like to talk about an incredibly beautiful and inspiring coaching tool. It is called the “Mentor`s Table” or “Board of Directors”. Beautiful - because the process itself and the results are fascinating. This tool is used when it is difficult for a person to make a decision, when he or she hesitates between the “two lights”, or she or he cannot believe in him\herself and start moving forward.

The Mentor Table is a peculiar blessing. And it is precisely the most important.

If you are not a professional coach or psychologist, do not use this tool on your own, especially with close people! It is too close to psychotherapy and you may not cope with the reactions of your client.

Also, this tool is not suitable for self-training, because your own mind will block the visualization processes.

So, listen ...

What are your impressions? What did you notice in the exercise? What is noticed?

And now about the algorithm of work. It is not as poetic as the process itself. And now you see this.

The variations of the exercise may be different.

1. The client has a question. To this question, he can not find the answer.

In this exercise, it is important to highlight ONE question in order to focus the mind.

2. You ask which three characters the client would like to ask for advice. It could be absolutely anyone.

We can say "characters" on purpose, because not always the client wants to call the person. In our example, one of the characters was an artistic hero. A person can evoke unprecedented emotions, and you must be ready to deal with it.

Who else can be called? God, the Guardian Angel, you yourself in 20 years, a wise snake or a clever cat and many more and many variants.

We insist on three characters and do not allow to choose only two. Since it is the third character that often contributes exactly what the person has never thought of before.

3. Offer the client to invite these three guests to any place where he or she would like to talk with them.

There are options when you first choose the so-called "resource place", and then talk about the guests. His is not a very good solution, because if a person has a working question, and as such a place he or she chooses Tibet ... there he would hardly want to think about work.

4. Do with the client a full visualization of this place. Using all three channels of perception.

5. Invite the first guest. The client himself determines who it will be

Ask the client to describe the guest, what he looks like, what he does, what he says, etc., where he sits.

6. Ask the first guest ONE question and ask to listen carefully to the answer.

Focus the client on the fact that he has the opportunity to ask one question and listen to the answer. Do not allow to discuss with the guest or evaluate what he has said. We just listen. Also, if you see that the conversation goes in the direction of a psychotherapeutic conversation, again return the client to the rules of the game “Now he has come to answer your question. Ask him!”

7. When the answer is received, offer to thank the guest and seat him somewhere.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 with the second and third guest.

9. When all the answers are heard, we inform the client that it’s time for the guests to leave.

Guests get up, get ready to leave, but they say goodbye with the help of the parting words... Ask the client to listen carefully.

Parting words are almost a blessing, these are always very important words for the client, which help him to come into contact with his values, with faith in himself.

10. Guests say goodbye and leave, and we return to our “here and now” and summarize the results of the conversation.

Render exactly his or her words to the client, do not replace them with synonyms that seem more appropriate to you. Do not do this in any way!

11. And of course, the most valuable, we discuss the first step, and do not forget that at the beginning of the exercise we work in the tone of a wizard.

Let’s hope that this small excursion will be useful for you in developing your coaching skills.

Successes to you and new victories!


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