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How to Spend the Weekends: 25 Ideas for Interesting Weekends

If you have a chance to relax, have fun and spend time with benefit.

1. Get to know your hometown

Everyone has favorite places to walk. What about those parts of the city where you have never been? Weekends are a great opportunity to book an excursion, visit a local history museum or just wander through unfamiliar streets.

2. Gather friends

True, in the cold season, you do not always want to walk under the snow and piercing wind. The solution is to gather friends. Without any reason.

3. Sell old stuff

Many homes contain a bunch of retro junk that can either be donated to those in need or profitably sold. And now it's time to do it.

4. Arrange a photo shoot

The days fly by and you can't even remember what you have done last weekend? Try to capture every pleasant moment of your life in the photo.

5. Prepare something special

Choose something complex and beautiful, buy everything you need in the store and start. Try to decorate the dish, as in a restaurant, light candles that are gathering dust in the closet, do an unusual cocktail. The weekend is a holiday that is always with you.

6. Spend time with children

Weekends with children are a good chance to return to childhood for a short period of time and not to be considered an infantile eccentric. Go to a new cartoon in a cinema, a children's play, a zoo, a planetarium, an aquarium, a museum of entertaining science, toys or sweets (yes, not all museums are devoted to boring things). If you do not have your children, you can “borrow” them from your friends or relatives.

7. Take care of your health

Think about what you would like to change in yourself, what causes dissatisfaction of your body. And then you can either go to the gym or independently choose for themselves the exercises.

8. Build a collection

And no matter what it will be: herbarium, a collection of minerals or cups. Creating a collection is not necessarily an expensive thing. The same plants and stones are easy to find literally under your feet.

9. Create a family tree

It is also an excellent opportunity to talk with distant relatives whom you haven’t heard for a long time. On the Internet, there are resources that will help in the search for ancestors. What if no one knew that you are a graph?

10. Read

Retire in silence with a good book. And if you don’t want to spend money on new books, try bookcrossing. Surely there is something for the soul. Just do not forget to leave something on the shelf too.

11. Learn new things

In large cities, there is a lot of courses and coaches who will teach anything. And if you do not want to spend money on teachers, you can be patient and learn new skills with the help of manuals from the Internet.

12. Improve the interior

Why not rearrange the furniture? It's time to change something in this life. And on weekends there is a high time to decorate your home and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

13. Arrange a movie marathon

Choose three favorite TV shows or films and watch them non-stop. And don’t forget to take popcorn, pizza, and other goodies.

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