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Rebirthing - is a breathing technique of psychological correction, self-study and spiritual transformation, developed by L. Orr and S. Ray (1977).

The main element of rebirthing is a deep, frequent breathing without pauses between inhalation and exhalation (coherent breathing). At the same time, inhalation should be active, produced with muscular effort, and exhalation, on the contrary, should be passive, relaxed. During the rebirthing session, you will be asked to breathe from half an hour to several hours.

What does it give?

1. Paying attention to usually unnoticed muscle cramps. The body (arms, hands, face) begins to warp, tension arises to pain, but if you go through it, everything ends with a very deep muscular relaxation with corresponding positive effects. The eyes are joyful, the sky is especially blue. The effect resembles the result of relaxation after a good bath, but even better.

2. From long-lasting coherent breathing, participants develop altered states of consciousness. Here, if you wish, you can explore your hallucinations (sometimes it is a very useful experience) and produce effective self-hypnosis.

It is precisely this moment that is usually the most interesting for the presenters, and that it is actively used. At the preliminary session, when instructed, the participants of the future respiratory process are told in detail what they can feel. If the inculcations are made correctly, most of the participants are experiencing this. If the suggestions were wise, they have a beneficial effect.

Rebirthing and transpersonal psychology

Most of those who lead rebirthing are the followers of transpersonal psychology, and, respectively, often they give to the participants of the respiratory session the following tasks:

• Eliminate the negative effects of a birth injury. Patients re-live various traumatic aspects of the memory of biological birth, experience intense physical and mental suffering, experience feelings of dying and death, and as a result achieve an ecstatic state subjectively interpreted as rebirth, characterized by complete relaxation, peace and love and unity with the world.

• Relive past lives.

• Activation of various traumatic areas of the individual unconscious, re-experiencing emotionally intense events of a biographical nature, which are the cause of stressful states, actual psychological problems and all sorts of psychosomatic diseases. At the same time, the main task of rebirthing remains the same - using special breathing techniques, to give an opportunity to manifest in the mind and body the previously repressed negative experience, relive it anew and, changing attitudes towards it, integrate the underlying unconscious material.

You can go through rebirthing, completely ignoring all these attitudes and suggestions, just to be released from the accumulated muscle cramps without any ideological theory, as a variant of the bath and massage.

On the basis of rebirthing, its numerous modifications arose, the main one being holotropic breathing and vivation (J. Leonard, Ph. Laut, 1988).


Perhaps only for adults with good health and a healthy psyche.

Be sure to do it under the supervision of experienced instructors.

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