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How to Find Time for Yourself?

Do you feel like a hamster in the spinning wheel that runs without a break? It seems to you that your life no longer belongs to you and is entirely devoted to work, family and metropolis? If things have so consumed you that you cannot remember when you have done anything for yourself, our article is for you.

Here are 8 simple tips: how to find time for yourself!

Let us tell you at once that our pieces of advice are suitable for both working women and young moms who are sitting at home with the baby. The main thing is to try to take advice in relation to your situation.

So, how to find time for yourself?

Tip 1: Delegate

Do not be engaged with absolutely everything. If earlier the woman’s mission was to raise children and keep an eye on the house, now her duties have expanded considerably. We not only manage family duties, but also earn money, learn, or are engaged in additional public work.

The possibility of delegation is universal, use it to find time for beloved yourself!

If you are not on a desert island like Robinson Crusoe, then there are people around you. If you are a boss, you have subordinates. If you are a wife, you have a husband and relatives. If you are a young mother - you have a nanny or kindergarten.

Analyze your daily affairs: repetitive, routine, and highlight those that besides you can be done by someone else. Feel free to give them to others, ask for help. The free time is yours (and you don’t need to overload it with new things)!

Tip 2: Combine

Yes, we all know the story of Julius Caesar, who knew how to do several things at once. But now his fame fades against the background of the taxi driver. In turn, the glory of a taxi driver fades against the background of a modern woman.

The ability to do several tasks at once is different for everybody. Abilities of perception of information, too (by ear or visually). But there are things that you can definitely combine.

For example, driving in a car (bus, subway) and listening to an audiobook, for which you do not have time to read in paper form. You can do household chores with a cosmetic mask on the face and hair. After cleaning, you will be as fresh as morning rose again! While your car is at the car wash, leave the staff your phone number and take a walk.

To find a pleasant time for yourself, while doing other things, is quite realistic. Learn how to plan your routes correctly so that you can combine useful affairs with small joys.

Tip 3: Use Smart Technique

My aunt likes to repeat: “In my day there was no internet, no washing machines, no abundance in stores. But I still had time for everything! And with two children I coped with everything without assistants (there were no grandmothers near), and the apartment was tidied up, and dinner was always ready for the husband!”

Nowadays we were lucky much more. We live in the age of clever technology and diapers instead of swaddles! Surround yourself with clever household robots, and they will allow you to find free time for yourself!

If you put laundry in the washing machine, plates in the dishwasher, the slow - cooker is put on a timer, you do three things at once and practically without your participation.

Tip 4: Try Autostart Function

Do you have a car? Excellent! Try autostart function. Then you will not need to spend 15 minutes of your life sitting in a cold car, in order to warm it up. Instead, you will slowly drink your morning coffee reading the news, and then get into a warm car to go straight to work.

Tip 5: Use Delivery Services

There are things that we can order without leaving home (from work). Online shopping is a significant time saver. You will get everything from clothes to products. Free shipping for most stores becomes the norm. The store will come straightly to you and you will not need to carry huge bags, waste time and efforts.

Tip 6: Observe the Regime

Leave the work on time (if you have a normalized working day, you have the right).

Take breaks to concentrate better.

Go to bed at the right time. Remember that it is better to go to bed before midnight. At this time, the saturation of sleep is more intensive and immunity is restored. It is better to get up earlier in the morning and do things for which you do not have time in the evening.

Tip 7: Learn to say "NO"

No - to chatty clients, no - to boring consultants, no - to colleagues throwing their work on you, no – to ads on the TV!

Tip 8: Do not lose touch with the world and yourself

When we are in a chaos of businesses all the time, we have no time to think. As soon as you have a free minute, calmly and slowly, think about your desires and goals. Write them down. Do not lose yourself in this hectic world. Try to get rid of things that you do not need.

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