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Eating three meals a day is more useful for a figure than split meals

The results of the recent research conducted by American scientists have shown that a popular diet that involves at least six meals a day, but in small portions, helps less to lose weight than regular 3- time meals. This time, the men also took part in the experiment.

Split meals is a nutrition where you eat not according to the usual scheme (breakfast, lunch, dinner), but consume food in small portions five to six times a day. Therefore, you should eat every 3-4 hours. At the same time, those who wish to lose weight, according to nutritionists, should try to reduce total daily calorie intake.

If there is a significant amount of time between meals, they assure that special hormones that stimulate appetite are produced. The more time has passed since the last meal, the more hormones are produced and the stronger the appetite is. And, accordingly, the more you want to eat when you have such opportunity. After all, a person usually overeats not because he or she needs everything that is on the table, but because the person cannot stop eating on time.

If the consumption of food is more often, the appetite hormones will not be able to be worked out in a large quantity. Meanwhile, a constantly fed organism, according to various data, requires about 15 percent less calorie than episodically hungry one. This is another beneficial feature of split meals, which distinguishes it from extreme diets: you eat in general less, but you are not completely hungry.

In addition, small portions are better absorbed, do not overload the gastrointestinal tract and help maintain a stable level of blood sugar. By the way, decline of sugar enhances the sense of hunger and provokes overeating.

Also, with split meals, in order to lose weight faster, it is recommended to start the day with dishes containing the maximum amount of carbohydrates from the daily norm. Try to eat foods containing proteins and fiber.

To check whether the principle of nutrition - the classic three-time or split allows you to quickly lose excess pounds, scientists recently conducted a series of studies. In one of the experiments, men took part, who, despite their incredible efforts, did not manage to lose weight.

The volunteers were divided into two groups: one was eating traditionally, three times a day (they were not restricted in protein intake), and the other kept to a low-protein diet and ate six times a day every two hours.

As a result, in the first case, men practically did not feel hungry, so they did not need snacks. The second group of subjects, on the contrary, all the time suffered from a "call" of the stomach and dreamed of a meal.

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