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7 Reasons Proving That Every Woman Needs Pilates

You cannot have a slim body and trained muscle groups without the hard work in the gym. For this you will need pilates - gymnastics, which is based on smooth and controlled movements. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Below are the main reasons for the worth of practising it.

1. Pilates tightens muscles

Unlike traditional strength exercises, where each muscle is trained separately, in pilates are involved all the main muscles of the body. This allows you to achieve significant results after a short period of time. It is proved that after 36 weeks of training, women strengthened the rectus abdominals by 21% more than those who trained in the gym.

2. Pilates relieves back pain

In pilates, there are special exercises for the back and spine, which help to solve several problems at once - to strengthen the muscles of the back, to make them more elastic, and thus to restore back the lost flexibility. This, in turn, relieves stress on the spine, relieving the pain in the back.

3. Pilates relieves pain in joints

Initially, pilates was designed to restore the locomotor system after injuries and various diseases, and now it is used by professional athletes and all who wish to return mobility. It is proved that after a few sessions of pilates, pain in the joints is significantly reduced, and in some cases it disappears completely.

4. Pilates teaches you to concentrate

When practising pilates, you must simultaneously concentrate on:

1) your breathing

2) the technique

3) how far the first and second items work together harmoniously.

You simply will not have time to think about work, boyfriend or girlfriend and some of your problems. Only you and your body.

5. Pilates increases sporting achievements

Thanks to pilates you will learn to focus your attention on the work of each muscle of the prelum. And thanks to the tight muscles of it, you can do various exercises and be engaged in various types of fitness.

6. Pilates makes you more flexible

According to a study conducted by Brazilian scientists, a woman who had practised pilates became more flexible by 19.1% after 19 lessons. So if you want to not just relax, relieve tension in your muscles, but also to become more flexible - practise pilates!

7. Pilates boosts brain activity

Joseph Pilates called his method "exercises for human thinking." And indeed it is! Now, Chinese scientists have measured changes in the brain activity of women after 10 weeks of pilates training, and found an increase in memory power and other cognitive functions. Moreover, the researchers believe that pilates can potentially be a good treatment for people with cognitive disorders.

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