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Food has an extraordinary power. Keep a list of food habits that will help you feel better and become healthy.

Have your breakfast as a king

There is a saying: "Have breakfast as a king, dine like a prince, and supper like a poor man." Yes, the first meal should be saturated and high in calories - with proteins, complex carbohydrates, and vegetable fats.

Hara Hachi Bu

Translated from Japanese, this means: before you start eating, set a goal to stop eating when you are saturated by 80 percent. Such words are spoken by Okinawa residents of old age before a meal. This rule has been existing for 2500 years and still works properly. The signal of hunger suppression comes from the stomach to the brain after 20 minutes.

There is another plus of "Hara Hachi Bu": you pay more attention to food. Do not rush, eat thoughtfully and sate faster.

More vegetables

Try to limit animal proteins with one small serving per day. Make a choice in favor of legumes, greens, sweet potatoes, fruits, nuts, whole grains. Whether you eat meat or not is a private matter for everyone. But do not forget: the food of plant origin is superfluous.

Less cow's milk

The man began to consume dairy products about 8-10 thousand years ago. Surprisingly, our digestive system is not even suitable for processing milk (except for the mother). Recently it has become known that about 60% of people do not absorb lactose and often do not even know about it. Eat milk porridge, and then suffer from swelling.

Representatives of the dairy industry assure us that if we do not drink milk, our bones will become thin and fragile. But this is not so. There are foods that contain much more calcium - sesame seeds, almonds, curly and leafy cabbage. Milk contains lactose and harmful saturated fats, which are of no use.

If you cannot live without coffee with milk, replace the cow with almond, rice, coconut. Coconut milk, for example, contains useful fat for the intestine and brain.

The main thing is to choose "good fats".

Sources of healthy fats are fish, nuts, seeds and leafy vegetables.

Less sugar

Fans of chocolates and marshmallows, sob! Sugar is an evil that only harms the body. It causes inflammation, suppresses the immune system, leads to a sharp increase in insulin levels, which increases the risk of diabetes and reduces the childbearing function, as well as contributes to obesity.

Abandoning sugar is not an easy task.

It is almost impossible because sugar is a part of many products - carbonated drinks, yogurts, confectionery products and sauces. To limit its consumption: do not drink sweet soda, eat cookies a couple of times a week, and not every hour, drink unsweetened coffee and tea.


Nuts are a storehouse of useful substances. They contain a lot of fiber, vitamin E, and the amino acid arginine. One study showed that people who eat nuts live two or three years longer than those who do not at all eat nuts.

Choose any day of the week when you can afford something delicious. The main thing is to find and observe a reasonable balance between getting pleasure and a way of life, maximally prolonging it.

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