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Dilts` Logical Level

To solve any life's dilemma, to find answers to personal questions will allow the pyramid of logical levels of Robert Dilts. As an expert in neuro-linguistic programming, this scientist once developed a convenient model for describing beliefs, habitual strategies of thinking and human abilities that will influence his motivation, changing goals of life and behavioral orientation.

The Robert Dilts pyramid consists of six logical levels, where each question influences the following level. The questions concern different strata of human life - from the world of material objects and behavioral habits to the disclosure of internal values, motives, and worldview. The main task is to change the problem situation using correct leading questions. The main thing is that you can adjust the result only if the person changes the entire coordinate system. How to do it? Consider the Dilts scheme in more detail.

Levels of human realization according to Robert Dilts

1 level. "What do I have?"

The question of the lowest level concerns the sphere of material needs, environment, and everyday worries. It clearly describes the environment of a person, his work, the circle of communication, the presence or absence of family, friends, career advancement. To change the aspects that do not suit at this level, you need to rise higher, turn to your behavior and habits. The answer will be on the 2-and step.

2 level. "What am I really doing?"

Describes the actions of a person, the way, and style of his or her activity, harmful and useful habits. Our actions create our reality, the final result of life depends on them. Someone wants a beautiful figure and in order to have it keeps to a strict diet, goes to the gym, and someone does nothing. Why is everything happening exactly as it happens, how to change it? The level above has the answer.

3 level. "What strategy do I use?"

Concerns the abilities and life strategy of a person, helps to make choices, to act in the right direction, is a source of strength. How it works? A person can accept the motto "swim with the stream, obey the wind" or "never give up, fight to the end". Both of these ideas have a different impact on the behavior and life decisions, help with self-fulfillment or develop responsibility. To learn or lay in front of the TV - for this the chosen strategy of actions is responsible. You can change it if you turn to the 4th step.

4 level. "In what do I choose to believe, why do I need this?"

This level reveals the values of a person, intentions, and beliefs, formed by society and family in the process of growing up. Beliefs are variable, positive or negative, for example: "a strong person will achieve much," "beauty does not mean anything," "all the best has already happened," "mistakes make us stronger." Values determine the claims and standard of living. However, they can be adjusted if you go up to the 5th step.

5 level. "Who am I?"

The detailed answer helps to know yourself deeper, to identify your "I". At this level, there are hidden ideas of a person about his or her personality, worldview and real relations with the world. How do we see ourselves, how we build communication with our environment, what is our soul aimed at? We can consider ourselves to be losers, inexperienced pupils or martyrs, but we can see in ourselves geniuses born to change the world and enter the pages of history. All these representations shape our reality. If you think that you have a limited worldview, you can correct it by turning to the last step.

6 level. "What do I live for?"

The answer to the question of the last level gives an idea of the meaning of life, reveals the true destiny of a man. It can be difficult to give an intelligible answer to it because the very mission of a person lies beyond his understanding. This level suggests asking the following questions: "Why am I here?", "What is the meaning of my mortal life?".

The Pyramid of Robert Dilts helps to better understand yourself, your goals, why everything happens to us in a particular way. It provides us with an opportunity to analyze problem areas, change habits and beliefs that do not bring us joy and satisfaction. It is convenient because there is no need to work at once on 6 levels, it is enough to determine the source of discomfort and solve the problem at a higher level.

If you do not like the results of your life, then you need to change your behavior. If the problem is in the actions, correctly selected questions will prompt, which strategy is better to apply. This is a kind of rapid analysis of the problem, which allows you to set an effective motivation for better progress in life. Try to apply its effectiveness right now!

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