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24 hours of taking care of yourself

Have you planned a lot of things over the weekend? Excellent! But have you not forgotten about the most important? About rest and care of yourself.

We offer to choose one day during the weekend when you can devote it to yourself completely. You deserve it.

Waking up

The beginning of the day determines the mood. When you wake up on the day of taking care of yourself, make a ritual of three simple but magical actions.

1. Take a deep breath. Sit on your favorite place and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, filling the chest and stomach with air. Imagine how the morning light penetrates into every cell of your body. Exhaling completely, imagine that you are clearing the inner space for a new day.

2. Ten minutes of rest. Hug your partner, your pet or relax alone. Breathe quietly and fix attention on what is happening around. Encourage yourself to a wonderful day.

3. Let the sun enter the house. Have breakfast at the window or on the street, providing the brain with the inflow of the hormone serotonin, which improves mood. Listen to the singing of birds and other manifestations of the living world beyond the threshold of your house.


A slow and thoughtful eating of food, as well as the content of your plate, affect the mind and soul no less than the digestive tract. On your special day, accept the rule of eating slowly, consciously, enjoying each piece.

Eat what you want. Forget the rules, diets, healthy and harmful foods. Listen to yourself. What do you want to eat? If it's a burger or a dessert - make them, cook or order at a restaurant. And eat, without feeling guilty.

Eat consciously. Before eating, place yourself in a convenient place and eliminate all distractions, such as a TV or smartphone. It does not matter if you eat delicacy or remnants of yesterday's dinner, concentrate on the present moment.

Drink more water. As much as possible. Even more!


A day devoted to yourself is impossible without movement. Choose an activity that you like: yoga or dancing, training in the hall, swimming pool, walk.

Doing the exercise, do not rush and pay attention to the breath and all your sensations. Try not to change the rhythm of breathing. Breathe naturally and note all the changes. Try to involve all the senses. Pay attention to the sounds around you: barking dogs, the noise of passing cars, people talking. If your mind is filled with thoughts, try to pay your attention to breathing. Thus, you will conduct a simultaneous training of the body and mind.


Fun is a vitamin for raising spirit and mood. Being able to escape from worries and to enjoy life is just as important as eating well, sleeping and taking care of the body. Good jokes fill our life with meaning and have an incredibly positive effect: they strengthen the immune system, memory, help to form healthy sleep habits, give courage, and reduce stress and increase self-esteem.

Look for small pleasures. In everyday life, many opportunities for pleasure are hidden. For example, a long trip by car is a great chance to listen to an audiobook. Preparing your dinner - rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Walking with a dog is an occasion to get some fresh air and make new acquaintances with other dog owners.


Scientists argue: lack of communication causes health more harm than obesity, blood pressure, and smoking. Just think about this facts! When was the last time you had a snack with your best friend?

It's time to chat with someone for your well-being!

Set the phone and tablet aside. Getting dependent on technology, we lose close ties. True intimacy consists of exciting conversations, eye-contact, and hugs. This is the basis for building trust - the basis of love.

Dine or have dinner with your loved ones. Cooking and eating are manifestations of love. Like a normal family dinner, a trip to a new restaurant with friends unites and gives a lot of pleasant emotions for the body and brain.


Only 5% of the lucky ones have a mutated gene, which allows them to get enough sleep in just six hours. The remaining 95% after a very short night are tired. And when such a schedule becomes the norm, the situation is greatly aggravated.

The first step to a healthy sleep is a recognition of its importance.

Listen to yourself. The body itself shows when you need to slow down. The desire to get to the pillow is formed throughout the day: the biological clock gradually adjusts for the coming darkness, melatonin - a natural sedative that helps to fall asleep - begins to be released.

An hour before sleep, try to relax. Turn off gadgets, disconnect from everyday worries. If you are worried, write down everything that disturbs you, in order to think about the solution in the morning. Before going to bed, take a bath, read your favorite book or do breathing exercises.

Schedule of a happy day

21:30 (the day before) Get enough sleep for eight hours. After that, you will have enough energy to cope with any business.

7:00 In the morning, take a few deep breaths and light gymnastics. You will have a good mood and will have the energy for the whole day.

8:30 Take lunch and snacks from home, as well as a bottle of water for work.

10:00 During the day, drink water, vital to every cell of the body.

12:00 Take a break for lunch to eat, without being distracted by other things. Find a comfortable place indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends. And no talk about work at this time!

14:00 Organize the meeting "on your feet" while walking - this will give creative energy and improve your mood.

15:30 Snack. If you are hungry, calmly enjoy a snack. Do not "throw in" the food, while hurrying to finish the urgent business!

16:30 Eliminate work to "restart" the brain. Take a few deep breaths and say one thing that you are grateful for.

18:30 Walk away from work on time. After a busy day, it's time to take care of yourself.

19:00 Make your heart beat harder. Go for a ten-minute walk, a healthy jog, a yoga lesson. Add movements to the outgoing day!

19:30 After dinner, eat a dessert. Deliberately allowing yourself to eat "forbidden" foods, you will avoid overeating.

20:00 Do something nice. Plan your vacation. Devote a hobby time. Strongly hug someone. Play with the dog.

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