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10 Unexpected Causes of Insomnia, of Which You Have Not Even Suspected

If you are still unable to find the perfect pose at night or are completely distracted by different extraneous sounds, then do not immediately go to the pharmacy and buy medicine. Pay attention to your sleeping place, perhaps the cause of your insomnia lies in the most unexpected things.

Too Loud Watch

In fact, a ticking clock usually irritates those who sleep sensitively and react to any rustle. And even if during the day we do not notice such sounds, then at night they terribly prevent to relax.

Vining plants

We understand that the wall, beautifully decorated with green plants, looks incredibly impressive and even adds a certain charm to your interior, but this is only at first glance. The thing is that according to the ancient Chinese doctrine of feng shui, climbing plants, in general, can not be kept in the house. Not only they lead to insomnia, headaches and deterioration of well-being, so they also take away positive energy and attract failures. But if you keep them outside your home, then they will protect the apartment from unwanted guests and troubles.


No matter how much you love your pet, try to sleep without it. After all, otherwise you will toss all night and think how unintentionally you can beat your pet, and, as a result, you won’t be able to fall asleep. So do not sacrifice your sleep in order not to disturb your four-legged friend.

Tight pajamas

Another point that prevents you from going to sleep is uncomfortable pajamas. Remember that the bed is not a catwalk, where you need to look in all your glory. So to the synthetics and other such stuff prefer the good old cotton and a comfortable cut.

Inconvenient bedding

Bed linen made of polyester or other unsuitable materials can ruin a sleep. Firstly, it does not breathe and therefore creates a peculiar greenhouse effect. A rigid sheet and an inconvenient pillow, too, do not contribute to a quality sleep, so try to choose the bedding carefully.

Unshared windows

Even if you support the fact that portieres and tulles are considered a relic of the past, you still should not argue that this can help you. Neon advertising, the light of the lamp, illuminating your bedroom, the bright moon, the first rays of the sun - all of this leads to the fact that you cannot sleep properly.

The abundance of candles and fragrance

Aromatic candles and fragrance are, of course, romantic and at a certain time very justifiable, but not when you are trying to fall asleep. Try to ventilate the room before going to bed, and put "odorous" items into another room - so it will be safer! The only thing you can leave in the bedroom is a bunch of lavender, it smells soothing and helps to relax.

Large mirror

Experts repeat that large mirrors should not be kept in your bedroom. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, mirrors can reflect negative energy, which can worsen your well-being. Some psychologists say that reflective surfaces can disrupt your mental health. After all, if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and see your reflection in the dark, you can be frightened.

Pictures and photos

Even if you cannot live without such works of art, experts advise not to hang art installations over the head of the bed and do not put family photos or pictures of friends on the bedside table, which can disturb your sleep and ruin your relationships with loved ones. Therefore, keep these things in the living room or the office where they will be just appropriate.

Televisions and gadgets

A bright screen of a smartphone or laptop, as well as a flickering TV screen, leads to the fact that you are constantly distracted and cannot fall asleep (because there is a temptation to check mail, go to social networks, watch an interesting film, etc.). Therefore, try to turn off all equipment before going to bed, and put the gadgets away or even leave them in another room.

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