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Spring cleaning of life - the initial stage on the road to success

Spring cleaning of life is a great way to start life from scratch, having spent a kind of work on the mistakes of the past. It assumes serious changes in it, revision of the habits, values, lifestyle and even social circle. It's silly to expect success, some new result, doing the same set of actions in the same order as before.

In practice, however, as a result of the ineffective use of time, the consumer attitude to life, the presence of unhealthy habits and people, is the appearance of the feeling of "groundhog day" and dissatisfaction of the life itself. Are you annoyed by some people from the closest circle who are somehow more successful and luckier than you? They manage to do more and make everything better. Do you want to act the same? So, you are ready for the spring cleaning of your life, the purpose of which is to get rid of the rubbish of your life which in vain takes away your time and spoils your mood.

Spring cleaning of life - look for motivation

Admit it, you have such acquaintances in whose home everything always shines. Or here is another example, once again you are rushing to a meeting with a conviction that this time you will definitely arrive on time and finally be rehabilitated before your client who is always waiting for you. You run into the office five minutes before the appointment, and he's already there. How did it happen?! After all, according to your calculations, you were supposed to come to the appointed place half an hour ago.

If you do not like something in your own life, then, in essence, there are two options:

Complaining about everything and everywhere that your life is worthless - all day you do something, but there is no result.

Without the thorough "cleaning" of the past, conducted in all life areas, one cannot expect significant changes in life.

Spring cleaning of life implies:

• putting things in order in your beautiful but overloaded with information head;

• creation and maintenance of a psychological positive attitude;

• establishing order in relations with people (relatives, friends, colleagues);

• house-keeping;

• the organization of a housekeeping system in which household chores are made as quickly and efficiently as possible and bring joy;

• establishing order in affairs and working on a habit of maintaining this order;

• building a system of accounting for the family budget;

• cleaning and maintaining order in the incoming information flow.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do in the spring cleaning of life is to throw out all the garbage:

o ruthless throw away unnecessary clothes, shoes, souvenirs, books; dishes, jars;

o get broken equipment repaired or sell it;

o the third teapot or the fourth dinnerware set, presented for the wedding, give away, sell, etc;

o clean your computer - do not store movies that you do not like and downloaded things from the Internet in the hope of ever watching / reading it;

o exclude from your life people who do not inspire you - this applies to personal communication and social networks;

o review the sources by which you receive a variety of information;

o do, finally, the business, the completion of which is postponed for several years or is just forgotten.

Everything described above takes your time, strength, energy and joy of life.

Computer overloaded with information - constantly "slows down". Uninteresting to you people simply take away your time, and, hence, life! High-quality spring cleaning of life will not work without a corresponding psychological attitude.

The second step to lead a more successful life is to organize the optimal home and workspace, develop many useful habits, find priorities in life issues, develop planning skills.

Of course, the search for your effective scheme of organizing life is not a matter of one day. The goal of this path is individual inner harmony, achievement of success in various areas of life. It is important to understand that you work with yourself and on yourself, and create a system with those priority values that are really important to you.

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